• Hi, who does everyone use to get their research done on potential futures.
    Has anyone got any good reliable sources?
    Currently find myself spending so long reading everything about a potential buy to miss out on what I see is good value.
    Anything suggestions to speed up the process would be appreciated.

  • the community on twitter is good for tips, try searching the hashtag #footballindex

  • I think as well as looking for the big players that can win dividends to also look at short term players who you can flip for a profit. Trending players at the moment such as Luis Muriel, Lars Stindl, Edin dzeko have plenty of room to increase in price, always worth keeping an eye on the trending section as sometimes players just keep going higher and higher

  • @NewUser134102 Don't mean to be rude but personally I would say those are both pretty bad tips. With some exceptions tips on Twitter tend to be people trying to push up the price of players they have already bought so they can sell at a profit (and leave you in the red). And of course it depends on the player, but if someone is on the trending list it generally means you've missed the boat and again are at risk of getting "flipped" by people who bought in earlier than you.

    In terms of PB I would recommend looking at the data (either the free stuff or subscribing) on Football Index Edge or from the forum's own Noirx4 and trying to figure out for yourself which players still offer value. For MB there's not much you can do except buy the big guns or keep abreast of transfer rumours (which is where Twitter can become useful again).

  • @BL__FI fair enough, everyone will have different strategies. Personally i've made really good profits going big on low value players that are on the rise, buying for 60p selling for 67p etc. It's just about getting in at the right time when they have just started to get some interest and then sell once theres a decent profit. Football index is all about hype imo

  • @NewUser134102 @NewUser39660 hi mate happy to provide a data sample of my £1 per month service. Just pick 3 players and private message me with your email and I will send you all info on those players. I capture all mb and pb scores over 100 points plus dividends and ipo dates you can filter on club, position, age etc. Cheers

  • @NewUser134102 I personally wouldn't follow this approach but each to their own. The twitter community tends to pump up their own players for personal gain rather than give out legitimately helpful advice bar a few notable exceptions. I also personally almost always stay away from the trending list as you will already be purchasing at an inflated price although there is the occasional player who will continue to rise. I tend to live off the decrease list myself but there are so many ways to profit on this platform you just need to find the right one for you.

  • Cheers everyone.

    Still trying to find the strategy that suits me and remains profitable.
    I’m a sucker for stats so my final strategy will most likely be based on that, so very useful to know that this site exists.

  • I'd just recommend listening to every niche football podcast going....all the less well known european round ups as well as ones like ON THE CONTINENT and other more well known shows that have knowledgable contributors such as andy brassell, james horncastle, paulo bandini, syd lowe, juliens laurens, tim vickery (it was vickery who was talking about hirving lozano about 3 years ago) etc. Keep an eye on all their twitter feeds. get an initial idea from what you hear and then go and 'research' it, whatever that means....wacthing show reels on youtube, translating reserve team match reports from mexican into english to interrogate, trawling back through records on fotmob or soccerbase. You can pick up quite a bit from football cub message boards too, you quite often find that the player who makes it was spotted by teh fans long before the journalists find them.

  • is a very good site i cross referance all my buys with first before jumping on anything and its free. Like simeine said uo the lust dint listen to tips in twitter people only tip there own players, however theres so good people to follow for news articles.

  • Will always be a couple exceptions but buying u19 players has been nothing but a waste of time for me.
    Studying articles on the worlds best rated young players is usually a waste of energy.

    Remember we are not Scouts we are traders. Better off Studying the #FootballINDEX market

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