Value at Koln (Uth, Cordoba, Kainz)

  • DON’T forget ‘skipper’

  • I hope some were able to take advantage of these suggestions. All up considerably.

    Given Koln have Paderborn (bottom) on a 3 game Bronze day on Friday I reckon each have got at least another 5-10% in them in the lead up to the match. Particularly Kainz and Uth have real sentiment building.

    I have finally become more disciplined and have benefited from the obvious that buying a few days before a flavour of the month type player's next game is a real difference maker. With people already looking for the next pb games this week, now is the time for the Koln boys.

  • @NewUser477323 I certainly did, got on Kainz, nice assist and CA on the back of it, will hold until Euros

  • 0_1583181697444_Screenshot_20200302-204109.jpg

    Bornauw is another who after considerable watching I've decided to get involved with. A goalscoring defender with 5 goals this season. Still only 20, good build and lots of scope for improvement. Add that to the fact the Belgian centre halves aren't getting any younger he might not be too far away from a call up having played at 21s level. Euros might come too soon but good option in an in form koln team and some solid pb scores with potential to be linked with a move in the summer as he ticks a lot of boxes.

    Anyone who watches koln regularly have any opinions on him?

  • @Gazz127 I’ve loaded up on rexhbecaj, 22 years old, starting to get more and more game time and has been important in the good run Koln have had. For a young player who can clearly play well in the bundesliga judging by his whoscored rating I think it’s pretty great value

  • Mark Uth still tremendous value for me. Been a revelation since joining on loan.

    Stats so far for Koln (from 5 games):
    • 3 goals
    • 2 assists
    • 3.2 key passes pg
    • 6.8 crosses pg
    • 139.6 PB avg

  • @TransfersFI I agree with this. Hes got a hell of a lot going for him as a PB forward. Fits the matrix extremely well and ppl are paying half as much again for centre forwards to win IPD's. I spotted him early but took my time getting on board sadly, never mind could be just on the cusp of gaining more widespread recognition

  • Agree there is some value at Koln at the moment, I quite like the look of Bornauw for a longer term hold...young, tall and a defender capable of scoring.

  • @Pwaca Just started 2 games for Koln that they won 3-0 and 5-0 respectively.
    Got an assist in each game and watched last weekend against Schalke and was impressed.

    Big chances for Koln players in the Friday game going on form at least.

  • Cordoba down from 92p to 86p a couple of days before their Friday night bronze fixture, am I missing something?

  • Yeah well confused by that unless some know something we don't.

    Strange drop considering its a 3 game match day🤔

  • @Ivor-Biscuits Same with Kainz. People just seem to be doing a lot of selling today to put in to young players that are playing in cup games hoping they get a rise like Gilmour. No fresh money coming in at the minute, it's frustrating

  • @Barkez_86 We have to accept that some of these Koln have risen a fair bit but still slightly short sighted selling when you think the are in great form and playing bottom of table Paderborn.

    A lot of FOMO going on this week.

  • @Gazz127
    Cordoba is down to 84p this morning. I've jumped on. Koln on paper beat Paderborn quite comfortably and fully expect Cordoba to be on the scoresheet. They've also got some quite favourable games coming up over the next month.

  • @NewUser67492 Is he not injured?

  • @Pagey74
    I've just read he's suspended which would explain the slight dip

  • @Pagey74 Not unless he's picked up an injury in training this week - been playing (and scoring) every week.
    Sure you're not thinking of Cordova rather than Cordoba?

  • @NewUser67492 Dam didn't realise he was suspended either!

  • Check out Skhiri ...24 yrs old /always starts /3 assists

  • These ‘bargain bucket’ boys at it again ...goals & assist 💰

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