Enhanced due dilligence

  • No gripe that they've asked me to perform this... I've deposited and withdrawn something like £30k in £40k out in last few weeks.

    My gripe is with how... Modern tech is all about paperless. But I need to print, fill in, sign a form and scan it back. I havent owned a printer since the 90s... I've sent payslip which has all the info requested in the enhanced due diligence form, hopefully that's enough.

    Anyone else done it without physically signing the form?

  • Never been asked to do this? Is this something that happens when you first register or when you first withdraw anything?

  • @Erased-Citizen you will have to do proof or earnings at some point, usually not long after you start... And should be before you withdraw.

    This is second one for me and triggered by the amount of deposits and withdrawals I make

  • Oh right. I'll wait and see if they contact me.....not that I'm spending thousands like most do. I'm totally small fry haha

  • Can't you just use an 'electronic signature'?

    I've not had to do this for FI but have done for work a few times - just screenshot/snip your signature off something you've previously scanned on, then copy and paste it onto future forms.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Vespasian32
    I've done it today. Same method as yourself. Print, sign, scan form along with relevant documents and return.
    I've also been overtrading a little. I blame the Jan transfer window, Euros and nitty gritty in the European competitions.
    Oh, and the rockets Adam Cole attaches to any FI announcement.
    A bit invasive, but I know that they need to be seen to be doing this.

  • @Vespasian32 I've two suppliers who have just finished using the fax machine to send out sales lists and are now on scanned photocopies by email 😅

  • @Vespasian32 you can use apps in your phone that work as a scanner. We had a similar issue when moving mortgage company but they told us to use one of these apps (sorry i cant remember the exact one) obviously you will still need a printer but you wont have to find a scanner or fax with this method. Hope thats helpful to you

  • If like me you are waiting for these checks to be complete, have just been advised that they have quite a backlog to review and unable to give timeframe for completion. Guess they have lots on their plate just now...

  • @Hotspur I should have updated... I didn't do the form at all... Simply emailed the details that are requested on form... I also gave them a recent payslip. Got an email back the next day saying all good.

  • @Vespasian32 cheers. Sent the form but no payslip as it didn't ask for one. Hopefully won't be too long as I don't want to IS to create a cash balance...

  • These can be a pain in the arse because most of my money is from matched betting from about 100 bookies and casinos. They wanted evidence of everything. My advice to anyone doing having enhanced due diligence is be patient and don't stress. It will get done eventually.

  • Done now and deposited straightaway. Pogba and Bruno topped up ready for MB boost announcement...

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