Francisco Trincao

  • What’s happened here, big drop this afternoon?

  • Nothing has happened apart from the muppets that bought in today are selling and they don’t actually know why.

  • Braga look like theyre going to be knocked out the europa league. Losing 1-0 (4-2 agg) to rangers with 15mins to go. Guessing thats the reason for his drop off., i have Hwang and same happened to him after Salzburg lost the first leg 4-1

  • I thought the reason his price was rocketing because he will be a Barcelona player this summer not because people were hoping they’d come back from behind and progress to the next round of Uefa cup

  • @Sonnyjim im new to football index so i may be wrong, thats the only link i can see though, as his drop off seems to have happened during this game.

  • Next Ronaldo apparently 🤔

  • That’s his last PB game until next season.
    No MB either.
    Completely worthless for the next 5 months

  • @Sonnyjim
    This drop could also possibly be people who are match day traders / flippers. I've noticed these kind of traders seem to gravitate towards buying players (especially young players) pre game - notice the 24hr graph at 6pm yesterday he was 2.05 and peaked at 2.23 before the game.

    These traders seem to hope for an amazing performance from the said player and anticipate the subsequent huge spike which they often sell during. Trincao obviously has not a great game today and therefore hasn't generated any spike so some may have dumped to move onto the next potential trade, and then of course this just causes a snowball effect as you get some of the soft money following suit ISing as they see the player dropping.

  • It’s just that he is now completely worthless till July. Many people bought him at 1.30-1.50 just 1 month ago, and are now selling to lock profit.

  • He's not totally useless. Looks like he'll be playing champions League football next season. He is going to Barcelona don't you know.

  • @Chilling-Rick i wouldnt worry too much man, you would expect his price to go rise again in the summer once he joins Barcelona. and from what ive seen of him i can see him doing very well at barcelona. If he stays at this price i will certainly be investing in him before next season

  • @NewUser566192 cheers, I thought very much the same thing 👍

  • @Dalien-Smith sure, I bought him at 1.30£ and made 60% on the news. Is he then heading anytime soon to 2.5, with Barca players like De Jong priced at 2.2£?
    Answer: no, unless other Barca midfielders get to a higher price in the meantime. At the point he will look cheap, right now he is not.

    Next time this player will rise consistently is in the summer, with all other Barca players on holidays.
    Before they made a huge spread (something like 30p now) people just sold to lock the profit and reinvest.

  • @NewUser455434 Last time I looked a young winger sat on Barcelona bench used to fetch a decent price.
    I appreciate why you might want to downplay him though. If we can get him at £1.50 in the short term we could make a killing in the summer.

  • @JaySaul yeah I understand the game day flippers. But I seen thousand of people IS him on the ticker for like 20p spread.

    I think it’s more inexperienced people pilling into him because he’s a top riser today and then when his price drops people panacking and instant selling.

    Simple as that.

  • @NewUser566192 hey, usually if any team that looks like heading out a few of the players will drop in price if it looks like they are heading out.

    But this lad has signed for Barcelona and some are saying the next Ronny etc.

    So a big drop like this is just plain stupid imo.

    Someone said he is worthless until the summer and there is some truth in that but come the summer people will pile into him ready for the pre season games and start of the season.

    He will be much more by early August than he is now.

    Just depends if you are happy to wait a few months to make a few quid.

  • @Sonnyjim yes, exactly my point. Had a rise of 90p+ on the back of the Barcelona move, people are just locking down the profit. Will his price the higher than current in September? Yes, so if you are buying long term just hold.

    But many people state they buy long term, while the complain for every daily drop..

  • @Dalien-Smith ansu fati looks class and already won pb and look at his age, trincao hasn't ripped up any trees at Braga nor Portugal u21's and didn't have a great tournament in the summer, I understand you have a vested interest but let's not make out he's something he's not, yes he's good but 1st team Barca quality?bench warmer with 25 mins off the bench would be my guess, wouldn't be surprised to see a front 3 of Messi neymar and griezmann next season

  • @MUFC Hey mate that new user dude compared Trincao with De Jong. Something he's not is a player competing with De Jong for a place in the starting line up. I rightly pointed out he'll be competing with wingers at Barcelona. I only work with the facts.

    Don't worry about the under 21s either mate. Gareth Bale never ripped it up for the Welsh under 21s but he did alright. Trincao won the European u19s practically on his own but at the end of the day that football counts for diddly.

  • Decent rise now. We are in effect a version of the close season. Given the unlikelihood of further play this season he is effectively a Barcelona for me. £2.43 to press but for a Barcelona attacking player looks a little conservative.

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