Andrea Consigli Set For Juventus

  • Consigli is only £0.30 per share what do you all think of this trade?

  • Personally I would never buy shares in a 31-year-old backup goalkeeper, regardless of club, but each to their own. It's low risk in terms of pence at least, if not percentage.

  • @BL__FI I'm new to this still trying to figure it out I am watching players that are on the rise and just keeping an eye on them I had a great return today with
    Samuel Bastien he was at 44p and on the rise I cashed out at 60p

  • @MarkMacKeown Sounds like a good trade on Bastien! Consigli may rise, as things that don't make much sense to me occur regularly enough on FI, but there's not much reason why he 'should': he's never going to hit the top 200 and be eligible for media buzz, and is he more likely to win performance buzz on the bench at Juve than playing for Sassuolo? In my opinion his chances are virtually zero either way. In theory, likelihood of dividends ought to be what drives a price increase. Time will tell what actually happens ...

  • as soon as I cashed out his price dropped he is now sitting at 52p. I had a decent amount of shares in him and that took a fairly big knock on the overall price

  • @MarkMacKeown If your new, stay well away from keepers, to be fair most people should stay away from keepers, there worthless as it stands

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