Flipping Quick

  • Does anyone just share flip, i.e 10k worth of shares in Bruno Fernandes yesterday, he is up by 55p average and then sell straight after the game.

    I ask because if you IS then you could still incur a loss i.e 6.42*1612.9 shares bought = £10,355 (£355) profit * 5p commision £518. £10,355 - £518 = £9837

    You would need to sell the shares on the market quickly and a huge amount of them i.e over a thousand in this case for it to work so £6.75 selling price per share * 1612.9 = 10,887 then after 2% commision 10,669.35. £669 profit not bad for a days work.

    Of course you risk injury to Bruno, bad performance etc.

    Just wondering how you find the experience?

  • @NewUser152089 You've also got to take into account when you sell them it might not be at peak point and when you buy might not be his lowest so that 55p isn't going to be an accurate representation of what you buy and sell for, I would say not worth the risk as return not great enough and if you don't sell all you're stuck with a chunk of money in one player.

  • @NewUser152089 cant work out where you've got your figures from

    If you bought yesterday morning you could've got him at 6.21, at that price, your 10k buys you 1610 shares.

    Peak price of £7 but let's say you instant sold at 6.90 with a spread of 34p, giving you a sale price of 6.56.

    6.56 x 1610 =10561.16

    Commission on the lump sum would be 211.22

    10561.16 -211.22 =10350

    350 profit on a 10k investment so a 3.5% return in a day.

  • @FairlyNewUser Peak point in what context, i.e the player normally hits around that stage late on in a game, after a goal or 2 etc.

    Even so you dont need to maximise profit as long as you can make a sufficient amount. In this case have a £500 target

  • @Ddr Right now he is at £6.80 with a £6.43 instant sell per share, just used the £6.42 as it was the IS at the time of writing. The 1612.9 is at £6.20 a share which was what he was at yesterday

  • @NewUser152089 fair enough, but if you were intending to flip quick then you would've sold last night during the game rather than this morning so the figures I worked out are more likely what you could look to achieve......and that's only if you instant sold. If youd managed to market sell then youd have had another 547 quid less commission, so would've worked out close to a 9% return

  • Did I not see through my celebratory haze that Market Sales broke yesterday? In which case greater risk if you planned on a market sale rather than IS. There is also the case that yesterday's action on Bruno was not a common event on FI.

  • @LittleFish I am not sure about the market break so cannot comment, essentially I raised this thread to ask whether anyone uses the quick flip strategy (at a large scale preferably) and there experiences.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @NewUser152089 I think it's more worth while at the lower end of the market, you get higher margins with less money tied up. The problem can be selling to market. It's not really worth instant selling most of the time. But trying to market sell thousands of shares in one player doesn't always work. Essentially you would never be able to get out at peak price, you'd have to foresee it and exit early.

  • @NewUser152089 That's the right punishment to use IS.
    IS is ruining all our ports

  • Why are you making it hard if you buy a share at 6.21 your break even is going to be 6.21/98 *100 which is 6.3367 so 6.34 a share.

    If IS goes to 6.35+ you are in profit no matter if you have 1 share or 1000000 shares... obviously keeping this simple by ignoring price movement on selling hundreds of shares..

    Whether it is worth it is dependant on how much you want. When I started with 50 quid I was happy with an overall gain of 25p on any player and was doing quite a few of these aiming for 2% (£1) a week. This would equate to just over 100% return after 1 year and obviously for me this was a good trial run before I deposited money..

    So I think my own experience is flipping can definitely give you quick yield returns but you have to get it right with timing etc. If it is worth it is entirely down to that persons own goals and style.. if you flip 100's of players a week for small gains that will be as good or better then flipping 1 player in this case Bruno with 10k worth of shares.

  • 'Flipping quick'

    Sounds like something my missus would say ... if she was from Yorkshire and dissatisfied with my efforts in the bedroom.

    'Eee Johnboy, that were flipping quick' 👸

  • @NewUser152089 I mean even if you get on them early, as you're buying that many shares it will push their price up whilst you're a buying along with X amount of people

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