Last 5 Purchases - Discuss

  • For a bit of a light debate before the mess that weekend football becomes.

    Post a screenshot of your last 5 purchases - and let the forum discuss them, be it praise or a slagging off.

    Let's get chatting folk.

    Here are my last 5 buys


  • @Millerman-again ahhh so you're the mug that bought my pjanic yesterday lol jk

  • 0_1582966907774_Screenshot_20200229_085750.jpg

    Nice idea, my last trades were bought with a view towards summer transfers / injury holds and couldn't resist topping up on the mighty Bruno Fernandez of course!

  • Got a mixed bag of results in mine. I think we may see a fair few Bruno’s in this thread. Santon seemed a good idea at the time but i fear i may have been left holding the baby on that one 😂😂


  • 0_1582972116037_Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 10.28.07.png

    can i just say before the slagging starts haha, recycled ramos just before the red card (prick) been topping up greazy (we all know hes a bit of a dog but we also always say he'll come good for euros ?) carrasco was from the jan no loss offer so it aint that bad ( i tell myself that quite a bit) think someone round here mentioned zivkovic so had a wee dabble and tah got lucky getting on just before arsenal links

  • @Ddr I'm the mug that bought them this morning lol.

    Well off his peak price.

  • @nicky540 Knowing what you know - would you sink the money you have into Griezmann today? Or would you put that money elsewhere? Reason I am asking is I will be listing loads of players tomorrow as the Feb incentive finishes and will have a couple of k to play with. Thinking of sticking a grand in him.

    Was gonna stick it all in Bruno, and even though I think he will hit a tenner - I just don't have the balls big enough to put 2k into him.

  • @Millerman-again ye im still gonna top him up to 400, but as you say ive been umming and ahhing about bruno myself, thought id missed the boat at £5 then again at £6 now hes passed £7 im sure i have but im sure i'll regret not buying when he hits £8 haha 1k in each maybe ?

  • Last 5 purchases...


    The last 3 purchases has just been spending £20 a day on Harry Kane shares for the February promotion & his impending return for Euro 2020 - just using dividends won recently.

    Before that was a couple of hundred Thomas Muller's.

  • @Ericali what's your thoughts on Parejo? Can he find his way back to around the £3 mark mate? I'm close to pressing the trigger on a grands worth of him.

  • @Millerman-again I currently hold Parejo and im down about 50p on him but i reckon he will go right back up through the summer and into next season. £3 is very possible imo

  • @Millerman-again said in Last 5 Purchases - Discuss:

    @Ericali what's your thoughts on Parejo? Can he find his way back to around the £3 mark mate? I'm close to pressing the trigger on a grands worth of him.

    Thinks he's a great buy. 👍

    Potentially could drop further if they go out of the Champions League (likely) from there, I think could be the perfect entry point.

  • alt text

    I've just been adding leftover divs to Skov and Mavropanos, mainly been happy to top up on Muller and Kane.

  • Mixed bag for me. I want at least 500 in each player. Last year Parejo and Gomez both spiked in price when I had 200, so only recently started topping up with £20 a day. Had 500 in Akanji and Hazard, price kept dropping so started topping up. Finally, Ben Arfa just needs to start!!


  • 0_1582988876976_Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 15.06.02.png

    Top ups on the top 3, so could have listed Acuna and Thiago Silva if we were going for 'New players, rather than 'latest purchases'. Both players have taken a hit since Acuna exited the Europa League and PSG lost to Dortmund in the UCL. Acuna should see a rebound after the Euro's and I'm hoping Silva will see a bounce if PSG progress to the next round.

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    So I thought I'd pump some life into this thread and pump some of my latest holds at the same time! lol
    Honestly I think it's a good way of discussing strategies and thoughts behind purchases which others may find useful also.

    1. Ezequiel Avila - Suffered an ACL injury in late January just as he was being linked to big moves which depressed his price - Hopefully will rise towards fitness and potential transfer

    2. Willian - Free agent in the summer with alot of clubs interested. He's supposedly said he wants to stay in London and theres links to both Arsenal & Spurs

    3. Adnan Januzaj - Hasn't been getting regular game time with Sociadad but has been linked with a move to Roma amongst others.

    4. Gerard Deulofeu - Suffered an ACL injury in March which has affected his price - Hopefully will rise towards fitness and potential transfer.

    5. Youcef Atal - Suffered a knee injury in December 2019 which has affected his price - Hopefully will rise towards fitness and potential transfer - Linked with alot of PL clubs before injury.

    Any opinions welcome..

  • Few top ups and 2 new buys (Dolberg and Gosens)


  • For some reason I can never upload a photo on here, my phone always crashes when I try!

    Last 5 are:

    Pulgar- Seems a ridiculously low price, decent age, has won PB multiple times and has taken penalties I believe
    Cyprien- been scoring very big PB scores regularly, out of contract next summer so potential transfer spec
    Gabriel Jesus- the longer we go on with no football the closer it is till aguero leaves. Has won PB multiple times without even being first choice, as city’s first choice he could reach £4 IMO.
    Savanier- was one of the top dividend returners for the month I think winning PB twice, £1,50 for a guy who can win PB on any day is a bargain IMO
    Pavard- bought him after Kimmich’s positional change, yes Davies has been moved to a defender but Pavard scores well and is like 1/3 of the price. Good player for France too

  • 0_1585901720200_Screenshot (7).png
    Not working = no money = no FI investment.
    Have had to mainly rely on divs from my Ronaldo and Bruno shares to have any cash balance at all thus the recent measly 6 shares in Rakitic.
    Cuadrado was a top-up @53p last month.

  • Sold my Rashfords yesterday and went for James Maddison as he seems relatively cheap now
    the other 4 are top ups (most of my sterling purchases were from the day before after selling up half my Harold Kanes

    i have held sterling a couple of times in the past hence the £271 dividends / likewise with Maddison and his 12pence contribution to the coffers (he may well have been one of 1st players i purchased back in July 18


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