The Mrs. Wants FI

  • Weve had this discussion before but I'm not sure if we ever really nailed it.

    The Mrs has seen me making money on FI and has decided she wants a piece of it. Shes talking about depositing about £300 a month. Her goal will be different to mine. I see it as a goldmine, she sees it as beating the banks in terms of interest.

    I will be taking on an advisory role in all of this but there are questions that have been asked in the past and I cant remember if they were definitively answered or not.

    1. Can we have 2 FI accounts in 1 household
    2. Can I manage her account for her
    3. What constitutes me 'managing her account'

    Any other relevant questions people can think of?

    Can anyone provide any definite answers?

  • Are you charging her a consultancy fee was my first thought

  • @MUFC said in The Mrs. Wants FI:

    Are you charging her a consultancy fee was my first thought

    Of sorts 😉

  • Best just mail FI about it.. I don't see how they would know who was managing the account once your wife is set up with her own id

  • This can't end well... If she does bad itl be annoying cos as a household it's offsetting your gains. If she does well you'll never hear the end of it.. Especially if she outperforms you and starts asking you to give her money instead of putting it in your account 😂

  • @Karl IP addresses? I would email FI but they'd probably take 10 days to get back to me and then they'd probably give me wrong info!

    @Vespasian32 with the modest £300 initial deposit, she would probably be flipping like theres no tomorrow so I'd fancy her chances of outperforming me to be honest. I think she would probably only hold 1-2 players at a time until she was upto at least £1500

  • @MickTurbo Mick, my scan of the Ts&Cs doesn't give any explicit reasons why you can't have two accounts in the same household. Terms are linked to individuals, not households/IP addresses and you would only fall foul if you were advising your Doris on what to do all the time (not sure how they would prove) or if you highlighted suspicious betting behaviours/collusion (which is how they would 'prove').
    They can obviously shut an account down if they really wanted to but that's no different to any other account.
    Anyway, I'm a random pleb on the internet so probably safer to drop FI an email 🥴

  • Banned

    Last time I asked, there was something to do with only one account (it was livechat) per household or something but it was a while ago and my memory is sketchy.
    I would suggest £300 as being a substantial amount of money and would go on livechat if I was you, to be sure. I wouldn't want to risk losing in based on 'some guy on the forum said...'

  • @MickTurbo
    my partner also has a fi account and we live in the same address,
    I emailed fi before she made an account to see if she can and if she can get 500 pound free trial and they were happy with it as long as you are using a diffrent bank account

  • @R2d2 @MickTurbo ,

    To confirm this here's the message I got from customer service as also took advantage of a referral bonus;

    Thank you for contacting Football Index,

    Great to hear you would like to take advantage of the RAF promotion we are running, we do allow husband and wife on to the platform however the account must use separate bank accounts and each account must be treat individually.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind Regards,

    Football Index Customer Support

  • I'm sure there's probably loads of wives with accounts using the fi scout code...... 👀👀

  • I would find it strange if that wasn't allowed. I might try and get my girlfriend involved. She probably knows more about football than I do.

  • one account per household is a pretty standard T&C as far as i know.

  • @Keegans-Bluff this was my understanding as well

  • I think there were a Husband and wife guesting on the FIG Cast a while back and they had separate accounts something like goonarette?? @The-FIG

  • If you're married, just get her to put the money in your account and keep track.

  • Just don't get her to buy any stocks you want rid of during the 500£ money back offer, I think they might just check that, but otherwise shouldn't be any problem as long as separate bank accounts.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Don't forget to get the referral bonus!

  • @MickTurbo

    Ever get to the bottom of this?

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