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  • Welcome to a great platform

    As I’m currently gaining good profits(20%) (31% all time), it seemed a good time to pass on a few pointers:

    Don’t feel you’ve missed the boat:

    Pogba & Neymar we’re players to be on when I joined 16 months ago BUT Bruno’s price surge proves new opportunities are always there.

    Can’t afford 10 or 20k port:

    My port is £5000 currently (withdrew £3000) when FI changed strategy.

    Port size ? :

    Lots of successful traders have 25 & under but also others have large ports like EJ...I personally have approx 100 which gives me chance to ‘diversify’

    How many shares in player’s needed ? :

    Once again depending on strategy:
    Traders who like to ‘flip’ will have 300/500 of a player
    Others like myself are more cautious & have 25s/50s/90 being my most.

    Lastly my advice is learn how platform works:

    I must log in to FI 20 times a day , not necessarily to ‘trade’ but movement of prices often indicate current events etc

    I hope other experienced traders will add to thread ..yea some try & pump their players but most give great advice.

    Enjoy & be profitable 💰

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    I started in Jan 19, so a little over a year.

    I am currently +54% (+46% all time). Had to withdraw a load too.

    My advice, don't over-trade. Every bit of commission you pay is less of a profit-margin you make.

    Personally, I log in a lot but rarely trade, I went for players who (should) give divs and although I am in a dip with only 9 players (I had 30+ at one point) and currently 4 our injured, my port is still rising and will fly when they are back from injury.
    %-wise, I wrote a post a while back on why we shouldn't sell and trade much, will see if I can find it. Although it was widely discredited, I still stand by it :)

  • @MrWh1te I don't agree with this not trading stance.

    I didn't see your thread but I trade often. I don't deposit money any more so have to, to generate funds.

    As long as 90% of the time you get more back out than you have put into the trade that's the most important thing.

    After all, we have to take profits at some point.

    I always buy players with an evaluation point in mind, when I reach this point I re-evaluate my position & decide whether to 'stick or twist'

    There will ALWAYS be new opportunities.

  • Been on here for a month and enjoying it showing very small profit but early days, on the Bruno train so let's hope he does the business today, some great advice much appreciated

  • @Ericali said in Advice ..New Users:

    There will ALWAYS be new opportunities.

    There are also many profitable ways to trade & succeed on FI, the most important thing is to find which ones work best for you & suit your style. This can be often determined by the time you have available, those with plenty of time to research players, crunch data (or buy that service in) & can be available to log in 24/7 will often have a more active &/or aggressive strategy whereas if your access or time is limited a more passive buy & hold strategy may well be best.

    The beauty of FI is that's THERE'S NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY TO TRADE & profits can be made from a variety of strategies & most traders are helpful & will offer their advice free of charge (whether you want it or not!), everyone can learn something new however experienced they are.

    I will have been on FI for 2 years this July & my portfolio value is currently just over double my net deposits & I believe we are only just at the beginning of the real growth phase "we are just the crew the passengers have still to board".

  • @MrWh1te said in Advice ..New Users:

    Every bit of commission you pay is less of a profit-margin you make.

    Not really a thread for an argument... But the troll is right, this needs quantifying or removing. If I buy someone for 95p and they get to £1 and I sell... Commission is 2p, so profit is 3p.

    I'd advise traders to always work out the commission before buying so they clearly consider as part of their expectation and exit strategy. I do a simple 1p per 50p.... Doesnt need to be more complex than that... If I buy a premium for £8...i know they need to rise 16p before I break even

    This helps me not get fomo often as I realise these players therefore aren't for flipping.

    Also valuable to do the same with spread, assume worst case when you buy a player so you know what your break evens or losses can be

    I. E. If a player is £1 with a 10p spread... I'll think... OK if it goes south I'll probably IS at 95p, so with spread I'm likely to get just 85p a share... And then 2p commission.... My risk on this trade is 17p a share. (or as I buy in 1000s...£170 per 1000 shares)

  • I would say that timing is crucially important when both buying and selling. I've heard people I know complain multiple times about losing money on a good player and it turns out they bought on a massive spike after a few good performances. You can make money on almost any player if you get in and out at the right time. This involves reading the market, which will come with experience, but even a bit of common sense will help.

    One of the first things I do when I have identified a potential purchase is look at their graph over the past week, month and 3 months and see what trend they are on, whether they appear to be at an all time high and what the reasons for that rise might be. If it looks like they have risen significantly in profit in a short time frame, I add to my watch list and walk away, unless there is a strong reason to think that the reason for the rise has not yet seen its full growth. You will definitely miss profit on some by taking this cautious approach (like Fernandes as above) but it should also stop you seeing a large red balance appear when other holders take their quickly earned profit.

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    I didn't say don't trade.
    I said don't over-trade. And there is a massive difference.

    Most new players seem to over-trade. Most 'what would you do differently' threads say don't over-trade. This goes for shares and stocks as well as here.

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    @Vespasian32 said in Advice ..New Users:

    @MrWh1te said in Advice ..New Users:

    Every bit of commission you pay is less of a profit-margin you make.

    Not really a thread for an argument... But the troll is right, this needs quantifying or removing. If I buy someone for 95p and they get to £1 and I sell... Commission is 2p, so profit is 3p.

    And if you continually pay 2p and get 3p profit, you will be paying 40% of your profits out.

    If you hold to £1.05 that % drops fast, as you are paying out 2p and making 8p so you just halved your commission %.

    This soon adds up to a lot when most players, especially new players, have small bankrolls. Over-trading means most players will pay a lot higher % on profits, and that commission all goes out of the window.

  • @MrWh1te commission isn't really part of the equation there tho... If you think the guy will carry on rising you don't sell.

  • The privately educated toff is correct on this rare occasion

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    Pretty sure that is what I said.

    I don't get your point?

  • @MrWh1te but if you think he's done at £1 you sell... Nothing about over trading or paying commission makes a difference.... You buy an asset... Sell it when it no longer represents good value. Are you advocating to hold on regardless to avoid paying commission? Which you have to pay to take any profit out?

    "don't overtrade"... If you are boiling that down to "don't sell an asset that still has good value" then it probably doesn't need saying... Its more confusing than anything, cos it's so obvious you're making it seem like there's more to it?

  • I started in the tail end of January last year if memory serves. Ive put about 2k in and my port bounces between 4k and 4.5k until I make a bad trade and rinse and repeat.

    My advice would be to ignore the forum unless you are comfortable in your sexuality. If you aren't 💯 on which way your bread is buttered then you might find yourself getting flip flopped between big hitters who are pushing the market in the way they want.

    Safe bet I think is to watch football, have some stones and put your money where your mouth is. Reading tabloid sh*** like The S*N and making financial decisions is not a good strategy in my opinion.

    My best trade was probably João Felix, got there just at the right time. Also doubled on Lindelof pre-season when everyone forgot how bad he was! thanks

  • Buying is easy, it's timing the sell that is the most difficult part of a trade.

    There is no profit, or loss, until you exit a trade.

    Only gamble what you can afford to loose.

    Start small and "learn before you earn".

    Take the occasional break from FI, or have the occasional foreign holiday where you are not allowed to trade.

    New users should read the pinned thread "All things Football Index" at the top of the forum thread list.

    Forum is great but always do your own research.

    Enjoy it.

  • Good thread.

    I joined in October via footyindexscout £50 bonus. Since then I have put in about £1300 via several promotions. In particular the January £500 cover any losses (this one got me going).

    I am definitely still learning, but very much enjoying footy index. There are different ways to make money, but I haven’t yet learned when to pull out with profits. So I don’t plan on ploughing much more money in until I’ve come up with an idea how to.

    I’ve found that earning dividends is very satisfying and feels a bit like winning a traditional bet. It feels like money for old rope. Like collecting rent. So even if that is £1.20 dividends on a gold day for 15 shares in Marcos Alonso (almost yesterday), or £8 for Leo Messi star man and forward, it feels like a win and momentarily satisfies the investment.

    Sometimes it’s harder, sometimes it’s easy, and easy can feel a bit like cheating or a disappointment.
    For example, I got in Haaland at £3.97 with 20 shares pre Dortmund debut. He’s now with 550 sup £2.15 and £43.. that felt great. I got on Bruno at £6.02 and he has gone up to roughly £7.05, bringing in more profit. Despite making more with 50 shares in Bruno, I’m happier with the Haaland trade.

    Apologies for the ramblings, I guess my point is that the satisfaction of getting slightly ahead of the trend feels great, while jumping on a speeding train can be more beneficial for profits, it isn’t a good idea to get into habit.

    Lowlights: Buying 50 shares in Piatek during January for him to not join spurs.. lost £17

    Likewise Gerson 35 shares.. still holding 😂

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    No there isnt that much more to it.

    But it is a very common thing that we see people talking about all the time when they join FI, they trade, buy, sell way too much.

    Hell, even experienced traders whine about it all the time.

    How often do we see people say 'omg they sold xxx because he got booked/didnt score/fell over etc and people are is'ing and they will buy back in next week when he scores'

    It does need saying

  • @MrWh1te good example, I understand now... Apologies.

  • Hi Lads and Lasses

    New to this but loving it so far.
    I have a tracker, along with a seperate pool of players.
    Tracker has 18% profit since yesterday, so at the moment, it seems like a good choice.
    Do any of the "experienced" traders on here know if the rules allow us to sell any of the players in the tracker and choose a replacement myself?
    I dont want to fk my growing profit that i am making.

  • One extra note:
    Please give yourself a username it’s very easy & I myself will reply to threads if I can relate to certain individuals


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