• I’ve got quite a few shares in Spinazzola and finding him a bit of a frustrating hold. Do we think he can return 10-15% between now and the summer?

  • I held him too & found the same.

    Bit the bullet & got out as their were other opportunities elsewhere.

    He can definitely do the 10-15% by the summer if selected in the Italy squad.

  • I've had various bids in for Spinazzola but no takers so have bought in at market price. Worked his way back into the first 11 at Roma and he ticks a lot of boxes for 39p - Roma still have league games left this season, playing in Europa League in August, plays left wing back (Kolarov now 34 too), Roma look like they may qualify for EL next season and he's in with a shout of featuring at Euro 2021 with Italy.

    Seems value to me despite his average PB scores to date.

  • FFS I looked at Peres when researching Spinazzola and was tempted as he’s so cheap. But as he’s 30 and has no Euro’s, and for the reasons above, I went Spinazzola.

    So of course Spinazzola comes off at half time, Peres scores 2 and is in line for top defender and star-man. I give up sometimes.

  • @Vaughany Spinazzola is starting more regularly now though and he’s likely to play for Italy at the Euros so can’t see how he’s not excellent value at 39p. One PB win and you’re laughing.

  • @TeamGB
    Yeh you’re right pal. Nothings changed in terms of my earlier post but you have to laugh sometimes how these things happen.

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