World Cup Plans

  • Hi all,

    With being new to the platform, I was wondering what approach people will be taking for the WC?

    For players who aren’t going to the World Cup, is it a good idea to sell up? Especially with players in the top 200 and potential MB. Eg - Bale isn’t going to the WC but chances are he’ll still be a transfer rumour all summer and could still get MB.

    And in terms of if a team is knocked out (let’s use England as an example), is it a good idea to then sell someone and maybe buy back in when the PL starts up again? Especially people who don’t get a lot of MB (someone like Henderson etc)

    Interested in people’s opinion on this. Especially as it’s the first WC that FI has been around for isn’t it?


  • @FranklynMary IMO you have missed the boat on most WC players there all already massively inflated ( however i did randomly notice Tolisso looks very under valued considering hes still in CL and his age) as for selling players after they get knocked out, no one will be buying them at that price instant selling will be your only option.

  • IMO all the German players are overinflated massively.

    Some English have some value still I think for media.

  • @SMacFI
    Yeah that’s fair, quite an inflation but doesn’t mean a profit can’t be made. What are your plans then? Hold onto your players throughout the summer?

  • @NewUser60527
    I wouldn’t say all but it’s no surprise when Germany are most bookies’ favourites for retaining the WC. What are your plans?

  • @NewUser60527 i've got Germany getting to the final and England going out in the last 16. On that basis I don't think its German players that are overinflated.

  • I agree players are over inflated but as the build up to the World Cup continues I'd expect them to rise even higher.

    I jumped on the WC bandwagon a couple of months ago in line to make some good profit in the summer.

    If you think outside the box and look at players not going to the WC. There are some really good investment opportunities there.

  • @bigbradwolf
    I definitely agree. I'm just wondering what POA people will take when it comes to knockout? Let's use Kane as an example. Say people buy Kane leading to the WC, he comes back from injury and plays for England in the WC, you'd expect some profit/MB/PB potentially. But if England were to go out early, you think people will then lean towards selling off shares in Kane before the new season or hold on to him?

  • @FranklynMary

    With Kane I would say that is quite likely. However, I wouldn't be too concerned if I missed the boat. I'd suspect he'd take a dip but recover once the new season starts. No doubt there would be PB and MB wins along the way anyway. As long as Kane carries on doing what he's doing at club level there will be major transfer whispers involving him to the big guns next summer.

  • I haven't been on here long enough to observe an FI summer. I'd imagine a slow down and lull then prices rising again come the new season. On the other hand between the WC and start of PL is not going to be a long time and will be a fevered transfer time!
    My guess is we gradually start to see WC players dip and a big rise in summer xfer spec players - get your Leon Baileys, Thomas Lemars etc. in before then

  • @NewUser108933
    Yeah for sure, but then players like Lemar could play in the WC, even from the bench. So with that example, do you reckon it's a good idea to buy him now, potentially see a rise and then keep him due to transfer rumours throughout the summer? Or just wait until a potential dip and then buy after their respective team gets knocked out?
    Personally players like him I'd look at getting a few shares and riding it out.
    Also, what's everyones experience regarding once a transfer has gone through? Depending on club their could still be a bit of MB but is that a good time to sell shares or keep them to see how they perform?
    Like I said, I haven't been on for long so just trying to get an idea of what different tactics people use :)

  • I've already got shares in Lemar in anticipation of a move. The key to it is buying and selling at the right time. I was able to get on Lemar on the dip after January.

    The build up to the World Cup will be exciting. Any shares in players before then will see good rises. On the flip side of that players who aren't at the World Cup will decrease even more and it will be a good time to start investing in good players for next season who won't be in Russia.

  • Yes think you have to take each individual player on their own merits and drawbacks. Do they have CL or EL. Do they have WC. Do they have xfer spec ? etc. Lemar as a case I would have bought him a while ago but I think he'll still rise more with WC+ xfer spec. TImo Werner looks like someone who ticks all the boxes at the moment which is why he's going up so rapidly!

  • @bigbradwolf
    Yeah there’s definitely a few top players that could dip while the WC (few Italian players for sure) and then rise again for the start of the new season

  • It's about what return you want on them. If your scenario does happen, are you happy taking the profit that Kane would get you if you sold there and then? If so then take it, if he drops buy back in, if not, move onto your next target. Put a target on players and if u get there sell up while the goings good. It's only profit if you take it as profit,until then it's a green number sitting in your portfolio.

  • @John-Renwick
    For sure, thanks!

  • @FranklynMary In terms of your question about transfers going through: the way the market moves might change with so many new users coming on board, but up to now it's almost always worked on a "buy the rumour, sell the fact" basis - i.e. as soon as the transfer is completed or very close to it, a lot of people sell up and the price dips significantly. I suspect that is even more likely this summer because in January quite a few traders held on to their Sanchez in the hope of getting good MB/PB out of him at Man U and got quite badly burned.

  • @BL__FI
    Thanks a lot for this! I was wondering if that was the case.
    I guess there are a few people you’d hold onto E.g if Neymar went somewhere like United, he’d still get a lot of MB. Good to know though, cheers

  • @FranklynMary Yeah definitely have to judge every case on its individual merits and Neymar to Man U would be an obvious goldmine, but it's certainly useful as a general rule.

  • @FranklynMary

    Yes but I wouldn’t buy them now because they will crash massively .

    Personally I brought muller and Werner a month ago made a small profit and got out while they were still rising. They have both doubled value I think. Werner has potential transfer buzz but not worth over £4. Muller will drop back to around a quid, investing now is a massive gamble just in case he bags loads of pb.

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