Robin Gosens

  • Looking very good value at £1.17, well below peak, good age, recent links to bigger clubs, great stats for a defender. Champions league Quarter final to follow all being well.

  • One average game yesterday and has fallen to £1.17. I have at £1.24 and not worried about the drop. As you say lots of positives, and an outside chance of euros with Germany (albeit would be warming the bench)! A long term hold for me.

  • @DelBoy92 Also read an article the other day that there's an chance he can represent Holland also. No brainer hold for me at the moment topped up aswell after the drop from Sunday's game.

  • I bought him before this weekends game after having my eye on him for a while and then he dropped 10p! Topped up at £1.17, can't believe his price at the moment for the same reason's you guys mentioned. Playing LM every game as well. Expecting a rise when it's the Quarter finals.

  • i have him too, along with other atalanta players. A lot of them are dropping in value, i assumed it was due to coronavirus messing up the fixtures? Like you guys say, otherwise im not sure why he would be so cheap? Atalanta play the by far the most attack minded football in Europe (even more so than Dortmund), surprised a lot of their players are so cheap.

  • Exactly, listed as a defender and great attacking stats. As others said should see a decent rise for champions league. Originally he was going to be a short term hold for me but the more I've dug around I think I'm gonna hold till summer/euros, had some transfer links to inter and Chelsea recently.

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