Kyle walker peters

  • Does anyone have any info on why KWP is rising?

  • I'm only guessing but I imagine he's performing for the under 21's. People are maybe trying to get a quick flip or are getting on board for next season in the hope he gets more first team game time.

  • There are some strange increases today including Walker-Peters, Ganago and Kruse.

    They don't fit my investment strategy, so I'm not getting involved, but presumably someone is making money somehow or these low-value player increases wouldn't keep happening.

  • I saw the same name on the ticker buy a load of KWP & the Solanke this, so probably speculating on them having a good game today to be able to flip?

  • @Lizzle

    Yes it’s twitter... someone says has anyone noticed KWP is so cheap so loads of lemmings jump on then the guy who’s bought in first jumps off with a juicy profit sadly I own 50 x kruse but missed the spike or I’d of jumped off too with 9p profit with a small spread Max K is a good buy with a 1p spread buy in and notice a spike jump off and buy in again a great little futute to own

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