Will Balotelli return to Prem?

  • Being linked with West Ham and now wolves but surely he still has more in him than that? He must be able to attract a bigger club? Let's hear your thoughts...

  • I don't have any insider info but my hunch would be a return to Italy - maybe back to Inter? Especially if Icardi leaves this summer. Raiola has said he's spoken to Juve, Roma, Inter and Napoli about signing him, but that could mean anything and I wouldn't trust anything out of his mouth anyway. Should be some decent mileage in the rumour mill, whatever happens.

  • Would quite like to see him back in the prem to be honest but yeah I think Italy is more likely can't see either Milan happening though

  • He's on a free transfer so will end up in premier league for sure even teams like wolves will blow away any European teams. Raiola is greedy and will get him a 10million+ signing on fee....and a huge pay packet

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