£500 what would be your advice

  • I have a small portfolio of only £600 because im new to this only about 5 months ago,most of my shares are mostly in tanganga (about £300) and im just putting in each month what I can do to build it up ,so in a week or so I will be able to put £500 into my portfolio so I was just wondering what the thoughts were relating to what I should do ,should I buy ie 1 player or 2-3 players or a couple towards the euros if so who do you suggest ,was just interested in a little advise or your thoughts

  • i would diversify and thinks its risky to have £300 in one young payer though thats done now. i was also told to diversify and observe how events effect prices. i think its a good idea to have

    1. young prospects ( fernando torres aouchich cherki tonali zaniolo barrenetxea havertz gilmour jonathan davis plus many more)
      2,good pb players ( vlasic/sanchez/ nkunku/bruno
    2. good media ( bruno/pogba/neymar)

    i personally have passed on neymar because things seem to be changing and he is older now. its good if your players double up to also have euro participation now. mbappe is a great hold as well as alphonso davis kimmitch gnabry werner.
    generally dortmund munich and leipzig and atalanta have great players for pb as they are attacking ( atalanta obviously effected now by league closing though) . mind you they will pick up

    i have 120 players though this is too many. i would like to get down to maybe 40
    i think with present crisis it is wise to look into italian based players who will be underpriced to take advantage of the rise after the virus episode is over

    a few players would leave you open to losses. if you like fewer may6be 10 -20 would be good ( if you want 3 not too expensive ones that will rise though perhaps not in spikes but more regular then perhaps NKUNKU SANCHES GNABRY ZANIOLO is a good combination. i think gomes of leipzig looks good too plus i was recommended correa of lazio and campana of levante by quinny on you tube . he has good tips. also good to read the thread that introduces you to everything about the index

  • First of all update your account on this forum and follow it as much as possible - some threads have gold to be mined.
    Secondly, I started a month ago like you with a moderate amount of cash and been pumping some saving into my portfolio. What I found was that diversifying at this stage with the plans of putting more money into your account, will make all your investments under 100£ very boring but more safe. However, I would consider the fact that losing a few pounds is worth the risk when you can double it on some mid tier team player about to make a move. Also look for players you like to follow and know about. It will make it much better to know when to sell and help you to a genuine estimate of that players rise.
    Thirdly, don't just buy cause someone says its a good hold. Do your research (I did this, and all my players in red are from this strategy)

    What you could possible look into is Serie A players who are all in freefall. Big Rom forinstance will be getting you buttloads of divs in the Euro and is very cheap atm. Another, Locatelli is like to get snatched up by some bigger club (I could see him play in Arsenal or some other mid table team in PL)

    Just some self appreciation : My portfolio is up by 20% in a month (Big holds are Pog and Bruno)

  • with the 8.25% return couldn't you just put into a player with a 1-2p spread and just IS them after the bonus period?

  • @Pez said in £500 what would be your advice:

    All on Foden. He's dropped a bit and only a matter of time before he comes back up.

  • thank you very much all ,for your advice I will look into everything you have told me it is appreciated

  • @Sinex82 am right though that your basically getting them 8.25% cheaper when your using new money. Might have to go in the savings and plough some MB players as a back up for the Euros

  • @Pez, in theory yes but good luck predicting who will have such a short spread with no capital depreciation once the bonus period has finished!

  • Harry Kane

  • Certainly money going in to Kane tonight.

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