Have FI gone a bit quiet?

  • Hi all
    Been on FI since August 19 and really enjoying it,
    Feels like other than standard tweets, the 'palentines' referral thing and a couple of giveaways, FI themselves have been fairly quiet.
    In the 6-7 months since I signed up there have been things like deposit bonuses, dividend increases/promos, ipo's even FI staff tweeting rockets, something has almost constantly been going on. All seems to have died down a bit since the SMDP announcement on the 31/1, something big coming from behind the scenes soon? Calm before(inbetween) the almost relentless FI storms.
    Have others noticed this too or am i just seeing things that aren't happening?

  • To be honest a lot of us have been getting a bit fatigued with the constant promos and tinkering with the game. A month of blissful silence would be a God send!

    Then they can pipe up in April and confirm plans for the Euros and the summer, plus dates for Nasdaq, Germany expansion, MB review etc.

  • Yes, the silence has been deafening! They've had two massive technical issues that they need to resolve.

    The IPO releases need to be sorted after it crashed for Tanganga and Aouchiche. The NASDAQ software is definitely the answer but FI have not communicated how they're going to deal with IPOs going forward.

    Market sell seems to be broken. They haven't communicated how they're going to resolve this either. NASDAQ could be the answer as well.

    They are supposed to be working on launching in the USA, so that would take up a lot of their time as well. Without communications we are in the dark!

  • Calm before the storm 😈💰

  • Tbf we only got paid the smdp yesterday! And we know a Euros announcment is due in April.

    The only reason for anything in March will be to make up for some of the fairly substantial technical issues of late.

    I'd like a deposit bonus...but I think it's unlikely due to a lot of feedback they've had recently to just leave the market alone.

  • @NewUser402672 they have been particularly bad for this since the start of the season ive never known them to meddle as much as they have over the last 6 months and i think its because people were getting so used to trading promos that they werent trading footballers inbetween. When they stopped the bonus’s the market started to dip and panic started to set in and ever since then they have been trying to captivate traders with endless offers but this time targetting or staggering them.

    Ithink they have realised by giving away too many generous promos they had actually shot themselves in the foot so everything they have done this season is hopefully a way of weening us all off and away from that bonus mentality and back to proper trading and i think theyve done it quite well

  • Can anyone assist my IPD query?

    Do I have to buy before 3pm to get IPD? Also do I have to hold at time divs are paid? FI customer service told me this earlier but I was always under impression you could but at 23:59 even after the game had been played and still get the divs?

  • @Archer22 pb and mb need to be bought before 3 pm, ipds can be bought up till 23:59

  • @Vespasian32 Good point, let one thing finish before another starts, pleased the cryptic rocket tweets have stopped from the staff mind.

  • At this rate with the media craze surrounding this year's flu we'd be lucky to even have the Euro's! I wouldn't be surprised to see a slow down to match the general economy.

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