Lingard and Sterling Chemistry

  • Watching the England v Italy game and noticed that these two have played brilliant, might buy some shares in both players good idea or NOT?

  • Lingard's become an established player for England and Man United in recent times - that bodes very well and I believe there's room for growth there if you're willing to be patient.

    Sterling on the hand at just under £4 has probably peaked in price unless he gets a transfer or hits a Salah-esque patch of good form. He does bring in the occasional dividend though.

    Capital growth strategy - Lingard
    Dividend strategy - Sterling

  • Yeah gotta agree with Lingard but he needs a run of starts for Man U. But their poor performances are gonna make him struggle to climb higher. I don't think Sterling is a good shout for PB tho. He's not the right style of player to get consistently high scores on PB without scoring game winning goals (someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong)

  • Sterling classified as a forward so great chance of treble MB for CL games with City favourites ( or second favourites , haven't checked ) . This will see his price rise regardless of whether he actually gets any PB or not. Think he's still a v good investment short term.

  • Sterling gonna go to United :p

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