Sergio Cordova

  • Any reason for his recent rise or just one investor buying a load ? Hes up 6p in the last hour

  • I dunno, suppose it's him coming back from injury at the weekend. Augsburg have one win in their last 8 so something has to change, particularly as Niederlechner is the only one to have over 5 goals this year.

    I like his potential, he's barely played so the only way is up. He's only 22, in a PB league and 35p.

    For the IPD massive, Bayern at the weekend might be ambitious but as a longer term hold he could well multiply in value.

  • Out of his 11 appearances this season 9 of them he played less than 10 mins, he got a bad injury end of last season which carried over into the beginning of this season. In the 3 games he played longer than 10 mins, he has 1 goal and 1 assist. He's just come back from another injury. If he gets the chance to play there's no reason he doesn't score and rise. He's now 36p so plenty of room for growth

  • I got a few the other day. As mentioned by @Lukeroro they are not scoring so Sergio come back from injury should get a decent run and looking at his age and position, he should be at least 80p player. Next game will be difficult but if he scores he will definitely get starting position in the next few fixtures.

  • @NewUser262793 80p may be a bit sharp right now, but towards the end of next season no doubt. Kid has potential and I like a few young players at Augsburg.

    Cheeky pump for Tin Jedvaj for the Euros!

  • @Lukeroro said in Sergio Cordova:

    s the end of next season no doubt. Kid has potential and I like a few young players a

    Yeah that's what i meant 80p at the end of the season and hopefully more but Augsburg have to start winning a few games.

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