Jude Bellingham to Dortmund

  • Being reported this morning that terms already agreed:

  • This could be a good move for his long term career, as Dortmund are likely to give him game time.

    Probably better than ending up at Man City or Liverpool and just sitting on the bench.

  • Wow waking up to this is sweet!

    Look what it's done for Sancho!

    Quite intrigued if true.

    If he'd have gone to Utd or City honestly how much game time would he have got🤔

    At least at Dortmund he will be given a chance to prove himself.

  • @Gazz127 I thought it was a bit of an over-reaction but I suppose ‘the new Sancho‘ tag gives justification to the rise.

  • Great move for the lad, he really is some talent. Can’t wait for United to pay £70 more to sign him in 3 years time 😂

  • Well, thar quite didn't go as planned..... 😐

  • great move for the kid and his career. Mental that 30m is the club record aha.

    In terms of FI he's £3.83 and i'm tempted to get on as he will surely get game time and the comparisons to Sancho will be there.

    Do you guys think now is a good time to jump on?

  • Oh this is why the crazy jump...didn't see that link at all.

    £3.82 for a Birmingham City player at 16 with 2 articles re: Dortmund??? 🤦‍♂️ Think I will stay off this one...too high for me now.

  • I think it's great for Bellingham. He only has to look at Sancho and Haaland and see that that could be him.

    For FI, anyone buying now, expect him to be at Dortmund for the next 3 years at least. Dortmund won't sell him until his hype and price has peaked, so when he is a full England international and a regular in their side and performing.

    Great business by Dortmund, crazy to think that they got Brandt cheaper. Shelling out 30m they are obviously confident in him.

  • @dp01 to be fair - I'd be looking at it as a good time to jump off.

    Sancho gets no MB over in Germany & we don't even know if Bellingham is even half decent at PB.

    At £3.80 he could be another João Felix type of hold for another 2-3 years.

    Ideally, you wanted the PL move.

  • @Ericali I'm starting to agree with you alot more recently sir!!

  • @gball1975 said in Jude Bellingham to Dortmund:

    @Ericali I'm starting to agree with you alot more recently sir!!

    Obviously learning how the platform works now. 😉

    I bet your profits are growing too!

  • @gball1975 I think he is starting to understand the index now he's taking more advice from the community on board.

  • Good business by Dortmund and in 2-3 years that 35m euro outlay may seem a bargain.
    Only time will tell.

  • @Ericali I see your point of view and defo agree its a risk.

    However, considering Germany will likely be one of the next markets to join FI and with the possibility of pooled liquidity the lack of MB could be resolved. (no guarantees of course)

    Agree its not the prem, but he's still moving to a PB league, with more chance at game time then a move to a top 6 prem club. (however, i guess a pb league move is already factored into his price even before todays rise)

    It would defo be a looong hold and tbf the move hasnt even been confirmed. But i still think he has room to grow, esp with the crazy rises of late

  • @dp01 he could be the next Sancho, but he could be the next Lookman or Reiss Nelson. (Bang average)

    Sancho's PB game he holds up (assists & goals) with Bellingham its more of a gamble.

  • Time will tell. But Bellingham is ahead of where Sancho was at 16.

    I don’t think Sancho made his senior debut for the Dortmund 2nd XI until he was 17 and Bellingham has already played 30 times in the Championship.

    By all accounts Bellingham has incredible attributes and workrate for a 16 year old, so there is a decent chance he could make a Rooney style impact in professional football.

    Plus he’s nearly two and a half times cheaper than Sancho, which is a consideration when it comes to potential cap app over the next 12 months. If you invested in either today and wanted to double your money from cap app, Sancho would need to increase to £18.70 and Bellingham to just £7.54!

    But to move Sancho up to £18.70 per future, a total of approximately £9.03m needs to be invested in him. While to move Bellingham to £7.54 per future it’s just £1.28m. (Assuming 600 futures per 1p move).

  • https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qRGJ21yMmrg

    I've got to admit that I thought much that has been said & written about Jude was hype, but having seen this video, he could become the new Patrick Vieira. If he did get to that level & play his game Vieira's way, would be be a big points scorer (divided winner) on football index ?? I could do with some help guy's.

  • Well this looks to have come true. I wonder if his price will tank due to the previous hopes of him joining Man united, or will there be a hope he is Jadon Sancho Mark 2?

  • @DJ-110 said in Jude Bellingham to Dortmund:

    Well this looks to have come true. I wonder if his price will tank due to the previous hopes of him joining Man united, or will there be a hope he is Jadon Sancho Mark 2?

    I reckon some people might be able to get him around £3.20-3.50...long term the Dortmund move is probably better for his price but I doubt the market will see it that way

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