Should I cut my losses?

  • Generally, my portfolio is up, but I'm down on a few players and wondering if I should cut my losses and move money into other targets that have more potential for M/PB and/or capital appreciation.

    My strategy is usually to find younger players with potential moves in the future with a focus on capital appreciation. I don't have the effort/time/knowledge to trade on the day to day events.

    Players I'm down on:

    Brewster -53 per share
    Fabian Ruiz - 37 per share
    D. James -35 per share
    D. Rice -30 per share
    R. Sessegnon -30 per share
    M. Gibbs-white -10 per share

    Any of those you see as ones to persevere with (I see a lot of potential in MGW but seems to be made of glass) and any I should probably just cut my losses with (I'm leaning towards Rice on this one)?

  • out of these, personally i see upside to Fabian Ruiz & Gibbs white.

    Rice will depend on whether you think he's going to Euros.

    Brewster is a coin toss - he seems to be around the £2 mark for a while now similar to Nketiah and parrot...when one of them goes it may spark money going into the others.

    Sessengnon and James would be the players i'd be looking into offloading.

  • Sessignon not really doing it currently and not much game time flog him and run

  • @chaka-khan Sell everyone over the age of 21 seems to be the way to go at the moment :)

  • Dan James is so poor in real life and FI. As is Declan Rice imo. The other players could turn it around for you though, Fabian Ruiz is absolute class and will end up at one of the big 2 in Spain

  • Top up Ruiz
    Flog Sessegnon

    That's what I've done.

  • I'd keep Ruiz & Rice - sell the rest & buy into the dips on those two.

    Both have potential transfers this summer, which we see you make a profit. 👍

  • Thanks for the advice so far. Decided to IS Rice, Sessegnon and James and keep the rest.

    MGW I feel will have a resurgence at some point, he just needs to stop being injured and get some quality game time, but he looks like a real talent and plays in a position where he can really make an impact on the game. He's English, and with Southgate as manager all he needs his 3 good games in a row and he'll be called up for a friendly - that's my justification for keeping him.

  • @chaka-khan

    I have Brewster. He’s started well at Swansea. I’m more a long term holder, so not panicking over him. If he keeps scoring and improving he’ll start heading back up imo. A new loan to one of the big 5 leagues in the summer would be useful 🤔

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