• Did a quick search and couldn't" find a recent Pogba discussion so here we go.
    I've noticed that every 10p drop in Bruno there has been a 1p rise in Pogba.
    Coincidence yes but Poggers is back to £6.00 and training. I might get my money back!

  • @LittleFish
    Need him back earning me divs!
    I’ve held on and topped up when he hit 5:90.
    I am heavily invested 😬😁

  • @King-Fergus me too. I topped up at £7.50!!! With stupidity like that it's amazing I've lived this long. If only someone had warned me @ericali

  • @LittleFish
    Not tempted to top up now ?
    Stays or leave he’s gonna cause a whirlwind

  • @King-Fergus oh I've been topping up all the way down until it became obvious that Pogba was a class A arshole who didn't want to play for Manu. My average price is £6.92 ( £200 of divs) so I'm in a lot of pain. He did teach me a lot about FI and the importance of sentiment. Just a very expensive lesson!

  • If you’re looking for Media dividends consistently between now and the summer, Neymar is far more of a better investment. Speculation about a return to Barca will be a bigger story than the ‘obvious’ pogba to leave Utd malarkey. The media have to sell newspapers - why bother to re-print everything they already said last summer..think about it. 🤔

  • @Sol
    I’d agree if Neymar was playing in England.
    Media have an unhealthy obsession with pogba whixh is great for FI

  • @King-Fergus said in Pogba:

    I’d agree if Neymar was playing in England.
    Media have an unhealthy obsession with pogba whixh is great for FI

    True, but would you really waste article space on a story which everyone already knew. Doesn’t fair well for sales and views in the media. Happy either way (as I hold both) but Neymar is still my pick along with a ‘few’ others.

  • @Sol Owning Pogba AND Neymar. I can confirm this is a recipe for sleepless nights.

  • @LittleFish said in Pogba:

    @Sol Owning Pogba AND Neymar. I can confirm this is a recipe for sleepless nights.

    True, my friend 🤪 ...could always sell up both and just invest it all in Bruno Fernandes 😉

  • @Sol I've 800 Bruno and tempted for more. I've only 100 Neymar left and he will be gone on the next spike. As for Pogba long wait I think.

  • @LittleFish smart investment there. I topped up another 200 Bruno at £8.10. 🥳

  • @Sol I've average buy of £5.58 so relaxed with this dip. I'm holding out for £10

  • @LittleFish Bruno Fernandes will be £10 very soon. Ignore the naysayers. They are only bitter because they either a)don’t hold or b)won’t pay the extra for the obvious soon to be king of the index. ‘Cut nose, spite face’ comes to mind 😂

  • @King-Fergus said in Pogba:

    I am heavily invested

    Ask yourself the following questions, Is Pogba worth more or less when;

    He leaves Man Utd, the worlds media darling MB club, as seems certain this Summer?

    He's not winning the World Cup with France, possibly the Euros but that's a big gamble?

    He's not got a constant running media battle with his manager & agent (now Mourinho has left)?

    When his current £6 price is built on the dividend wins that resulted from all the above but his future price will be based on his winnings going forward?

    It would seem clear that his future dividend winnings will be lower than his recent past history & that inevitably means a lower price. Why would anyone choose to buy (or even hold now at £6) when it seems possible he could be bought next season, whilst warming the bench at Juve, for £4 or maybe less??

    His price has fallen from £8 to £6 as a result of all of the above & how it adversely affects the market expectation of his future earning potential; so I would be interested to know where you think the analysis is incorrect or how his future earnings can possibly match those of the previous 12/18 months?

  • @LittleFish said in Pogba:

    @King-Fergus me too. I topped up at £7.50!!! With stupidity like that it's amazing I've lived this long. If only someone had warned me @ericali

    lest we forget the poorly educated manc spent all summer... as a super fan with Fergy on speed dial, telling everyone it was "impossible" for Pogba to stay at Utd.

    he was as wrong as anybody... unfortunately due to fearmongering scum like him and many others on twitter... right or wrong isn't important... they created enough stink to make Pogba tainted goods.

    Pogba stayed, he's happy … won pb and mb in aug/sep … anyone can be susceptible to injury drops unfortunately. He's back now tho so probably is a good time to buy. he's going to take Bruno's MB, take his PB and probably take his lunch money too.

    The way Pogbas price has held also shows it's 'strong money' these holders aren't going to IS at first sign of trouble … a move now is pretty much priced in and he will go up as he wins a summer of mb either for transfer, euros or signing new contract.



  • @NewUser159387 Some very valid points but I'll counter with a few others.

    Ask yourself what happens when European media outlets are potentially added for MB and the EPL bias for MB starts to disappear.

    Ask yourself what happens when FI expands into other country and the EPL price bias starts to disappear.

    Ask yourself what happens IF Pogba was to end up staying at United

    Every time we buy a player we are gambling. I see the potential downsides to Pogba, I also see the potential upsides and it isn't as clear cut as the Bruno pumpers would have you believe.

  • @Vespasian32 don’t know what your beef is with @Ericali ??? I disagree your above statement. Pogba will leave this summer and when he does, he will be £4ish. Happy to sell my 600 on the spike when investors think pogba will be staying though. I will indeed be ‘taking everyone’s lunch money’ on here 😂👍🏼

  • @NewUser159387
    I’ve only had him for 6-7 months and he has made me almost 2k in dividends. He’s hardly played.
    Him coming back and the prospect of him linking with Fernandes I only see further dividends. Pb and mb.
    Add to that he may leave or he may stay - all over the papers. Then there’s the euros.

    That could be a good point to reduce my holding.

  • @janner73

    Good points but at £6 he's already 7/8th most expensive player on the index & if all goes well he could possibly maintain that but if as I suspect he loses some of his winning potency he could easily drop down to say 20th which is £4.25. Given the risk profile of that trade I would say that he's a very weak hold at best but if I held him I would take the £6 on offer for market sell with the view of buying back next season, if all went well, & probably be able to buy him at around today's price or less WITHOUT taking all the associated risks of holding whilst his future was so uncertain. Adding Bruno to the mix just makes Pogba even more risky IMHO but I wouldn't want to be holding him simply on his own merits, far too risky for potentially too little gain.

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