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  • I have this weird situation with selling players at really poor times. I don't see much in a player, sell them to look elsewhere then either an hour later or 2 days later that player is booming. cuceralla from Getafe my first example. sold at £1.09 then see him at £1.20 and more less than 24 hours later....sold 100 shares of Sorloth at 50p then a week later he has boomed too. I'm struggling at time of selling, and if i want money instead of depositing im in a pickle. Maybe this isnt for me due to my inpatient and impulsive nature

    Wheres the best place to look at players, data sites, trustworthy articles?

    Any advice would be much appreciated

  • Honestly mate experience, just play the market with small stakes and then work it out👍

  • Try and think before you buy how long do I want to hold this player for, myself it's normally minimum 3 months at least or if younger player or a cheaper purchase a year plus as things won't happen overnight

  • @15hot this happens to all of us. Try not to focus on players you have sold as you may look at them at one period seeing a boom but in another period after you may find they are lower than when you sold. Each time you check a players price its only a snapshot as an hour later they could have fell for whatever reason. The prices are always moving and it can be near impossible to buy at the lowest point and sell at the highest. My advice is that if you have done your research and feel a player has value then then try to remember why you bought. Sometimes the market reacts incredibly quickly and sometimes its so slow it can make you question why you bought

  • @15hot could you tell me who you are going to sell next please....👍

  • If you sell for a profit then it's a good trade. You will never ever time the market to perfection so don't bother.

    I would suggest at least doing a brief google search before any sales it will give you a rough idea of what is going on with any player. Missing the peak or the 'rocket' happens to a lot i'm sure.

    For example one of my first trades on the index was Ferland Mendy bought @ 97p sold @ £1.17 ( with 1p in divs) shortly after he hit £1.23 ish now he is £1.12. Players rise and fall as long as you are making money don't be afraid to sell early and lock in the profit, profit is not real until you sell neither are losses. This has happened to me quite a few times along with adding players to my watch list and then within 1-2 days they shoot up, It's a good sign players you are buying are booming it means you are picking the right players.

  • @15hot said in Help for new trader:

    Maybe this isnt for me due to my inpatient and impulsive nature

    You've made the most important discovery already; no real point buying players with a long term 3 year view if after a few hours/days/weeks you get bored & IS them at a loss. BUT the beauty of FI is there are many ways to make profits, you have clearly identified that you need short term, quick trades so you can realise funds for the next one - the next step is to build your strategy around this way of trading.

    A great example was those who bought Gilmour for the Chelsea/Liverpool game the week/day before, even on the morning of the game in anticipation of a decent performance, that would be greatly amplified as it was on free to air BBC TV. He had the dream game won a couple of days MB on the back of it & his price sky rocketed as a result, so those traders had a dream return, it's not always that lucrative!. Now the fact he is a Scottish defensive midfield holding player that is unlikely to ever win another dividend again wouldn't usually make him a decent FI buy, he could be the next Darren Fletcher, but short term traders don't care they have had a quick 50%+ flip in a couple of days & good luck to them. This type of trading looks like it may suit you & your personality better than heavy data research & long term PB type buys.

    Why not look ahead to next weeks games or the next EL/CL matches & pick out the clubs you fancy to have a good draw & likely progress or a shock result & buy a couple of their players & if they come in for PB/MB/IPD's you can sell the price spike & rinse & repeat. It's not my preferred way of trading but I noticed Wolves had some friendly upcoming fixtures, so bought into Doherty last week, he's up 15p already before kicking a ball. So I could cash a decent profit already but I plan to hold longer term but it demonstrates short term profits are achievable with very little research, just looking ahead for likely opportunities.

  • @NewUser159387 Gilmour is not a defensive midfielder. It's hard to know what to class him as but good advice none the less lol.

    'Billy Gilmour made his full Chelsea debut in a resounding 7-1 win over Grimsby last night - and Blues fans are labelling him the 'Scottish Iniesta'.'

  • @NewUser508282 said in Help for new trader:

    Blues fans are labelling him the 'Scottish Iniesta'.'

    Fair point but neither is he worth £2.90 & 44th most expensive player on the index but it shows how the market can over react to one decent performance & a large dose of FOMO. I wouldn't have bought him at £1.70 the week before but plenty did & have made great profits, those who took the risk deserve the rewards.

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