Not making any profit.

  • Am I the only person losing money since these internationals? Before was making a steady profit. Now just slowing decreasing.

  • Look at what drives the price of the players in your portfolio. If it's all Performance Buzz players then they will drop when there's no performance buzz dividends to play for. You need to know the environment you're trading in. Give me an example of one or two players you have who have decreased? (Send me a private mail if you don't wanna send any publicly)

  • @NewUser123670

    Unless your portfolio is weighted towards MB players, then you're probably not going to be making much money over the international break.

    But don't panic, the league fixtures and PB dividends start again on Saturday, so normal service is likely to resume.

  • @NewUser123670 could be a timing thing the media season is very different to normal season and then silly season (transfer window) is different again

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