Milan Skriniar

  • Never seen the lad play. Is he any good and worthy of a punt? Still under a quid with City confidently going for him already (Barca sniffing too). Defenders are at a premium these days, so I suspect if hes their man they'll get him.

    Seems like a good speculative hold to me - Thoughts?

  • I hold from last Yr when passing cbs had good chances of pb, I've kept him. A- due to transfer links, B- due to covering the rise of cbs in any matrix tweaks (not that I want the matrix changed!)

  • @Westy at the moment I'm concentrating on players that have a combination of Europa or Champions League competition, Euro 2020 ahead of them + transfer speculation. With what seems like solid transfer links surfacing for City, Inter having a decent crack at going all the way in the Europa and Slovakia in with a great shout of still qualifying at Euro 2020 he covers all of those.

    I think you make a good point here though about potential matrix tweaks, if he ends up in a City based possession side he could also be a very good PB hold to boot.

    There's a lot to like here for under £1!

  • Yeah I've held him for a while and am up on him. Way I see it with Skriniar is his price has been pretty damn stable +/-10p for a good while now so he's a very low risk hold.

    Can't see his price dropping because he's a top defender, a good age, at a European competition club.

    Good CBs are hard to come by so I think it's natural this lad will have interest. Tbh it's pretty odd that he's 30p less than Ruben Dias who hasn't proven himself in a big league and isn't PB eligible right now. Skriniar has just the same chance of a transfer.

  • Gone in big. City's defence is truly woeful today, so if this lad is linked with them already, then its happening! Hold for transfer window.

  • This guy is currently one of the most undervalued defenders out there with his age and links to City.

  • We simply have to buy one of Skriniar, Dias or Koulibaly. A Skriniar/Laporte partnership would be unbelievable.

  • Has anyone seen him play? I've only ever seen him once and that was in a pre season friendly and he got ripped a new one by Tahith Chong, but I know that's not a fair game to judge him on!

  • Thoughts on Stefan de Vrij ?

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