Can’t make a withdrawl.

  • (Update: they replied finally, let’s see how this goes)

    Trying to make a withdrawl.

    Emailed every day to FI support since 3rd March, no reply.

    When I try to withdraw it says “suspended due to not verifying age, send proof of age to blah blah blah...”

    They have my passport with my age on it from day one. Why are they suspending my account.

    Tried twitter account for customer service too, just a bot reply to send my email address and nothing since.

    Very frustrating.

    What do I do here???

  • Banned

    Live chat

    Click on help centre and then scroll down

  • @MrWh1te

    Finally got a reply to my emails. Only took having to go to twitter and then posting here for someone to finally give me an answer.