Nervous Traders

  • I get the impression from the FI market that there are many very nervous traders out there that are selling there shares as quickly as possible.Traders are not holding there shares.Not surprising after the crash last week.I will monitor the market a further week and if there is no up turn i would consider looking at winding down my portfolio which currently stands at over 40 + players.I am really disappointed in the market at the moment as the recovery is very slow and nervous.

  • If things were to stay as they are now then I would probably be feeling positive but with talk of penny shares and not really knowing what will happen with their introduction then that makes me nervous to be holding a large amount of futures

  • This is the one issue with FI- generally, the majority of casual traders are twitchy. That would be fine in most markets, but they make up a high % of FI activity. That means there'll be volatility in times like this, because they all panic, swear at Cole on twitter, sell their portfolio and use it on a good night out.

    I thought mine was 'diverse' with 22 haha. By winding down, do you mean close or just reduce the number of players you have and invest more heavily in the ones you keep?

  • @CleanShirtTrader I mean selling those that are showing me profit and hold tight on those that are losing me money untill they recover or i balance the loss against my profit.I am stilling leaning about FI and i have made some very good investments and probably out of my 40+ portfolio 3 poor investments that have heavy losses at present Mbappe,Lemar,Moura.

  • I think the market might be slightly slow as people are treading carefully until the specifics of Wednesdays PB announcement. I don't think traders are nervous just people using the quick flip tactic off the back of transfer spec, which I don't think is a particularly safe way of profiting on here, but oh well. Still surprised those top performing PB players haven't recovered as well by the way. I think those PB players in their mid-twenties or younger/ones that are likely to move to the premier league at some point have seasons of value left in them. Maybe people just holding off til Wednesday but even then I very much doubt penny stocks are just around the corner. FI will be very conscious as to not screw over current users anymore then they did last Thursday so I predict much deliberation before its introduction. And on that note I actually do really like the PB squad announcement (not how it was announced but what it will turn into). Its an essential move imo to open up the game to users who don't want to pump on hundreds or even thousands to profit on here, and that's where the index was going, which was no good to anyone except people who got on board early. , or those with deep pockets. Not sure how bots can profit as you'll need to incorporate a fair amount of football knowledge to benefit from the squad. Its not as simple as sweeping up hundreds of futures in 100s of players as many of these players will be worthless.

  • @NewUser82193 Yeah I have a feeling they will be careful with penny stocks and try to avoid another massive crash, so hopefully confidence returns pretty soon.

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