would you cash in on gilmour? potential to go up further? will he keep his place for the rest of the season

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  • @waynehead personally I’d cash in without a second thought. Let’s be real, no chance he makes the England squad, so you’d have money tied up in him over the summer for nothing. If anything he’d probs drop in price as people sell to buy players with European football. No brainer for me, sell, sell, sell whilst he’s at an all time high.

    If you want to buy back in, do it over Euros when the attention is away from him and will likely be cheaper

    EDIT: assumed he was English, shows how much I’ve been paying attention to him haha. Above points still remain valid though

  • @Andy He is Scottish. Not even sure he 'could' play for England even if he wanted to.

  • Every new toy gets the initial breakout media, he’s having that now.
    Not much PB potential.
    100% cash out.

  • I’d keep him until he gets called up to the National team, can see him rise another 50p at least

  • I'd be out like a shot with the profit. ☑️

  • Take the profit and run a mile. Gilmour is the biggest "bubble" on the index right now. No matter how good or not he may be, there is a ton of very soft money in him.

  • The answer to all three questions is yes.

    Would i cash in? Yes i would he has almost doubled in price if you have decent cap app on him take the money, it's not real until you cash in. Gilmour changes the entire way Chelsea play and has the potential to go up further given he will start against Villa and most likely Bayern as well the problem is that a lot of people in Gilmour are just in it for a short term flip and with the role he plays in the Chelsea team he is most likely only going to compete strongly for PB when Chelsea play a team using a low block.

    Gilmour will continue to play and in most Chelsea fans opinion is now first choice given the night and day difference in the way we play with him in that role compared to Jorginho.

  • He's currently the 34th most expensive player on the index - if you buy him today i suspect you are buying at the top of a spike

    I suspect his price will drop a bit over the next few days couple of weeks

    He'll then get another spike once he gets called up to Scotland bring his price back up to where it is now again for a while

    after that though, what events over the next 3 years do you see that will make his price continue to rise?

    Hes already broken into the 1st team
    He wont be subject to any transfer spec
    He probably wont be involved in any big international tournaments
    Hell be competing against an already large contingent of Chelsea midfielders, which will no doubt increase in number once they decide to invest in the summer - there are only so many midfielders you can keep happy at the same time at one club.

    This time last year Declan Rice was touted as being the next Iniesta but once the media got bored with him he suffered a long and steady Declan (Decline)

    Likewise with Mason Mount from the start of this season

    He's probably going to settle at around £2.30 / £2.50 for me

  • @NewUser508282 haha my bad. Put an edit in the original post. My points still remain valid tho

  • IMO he makes Jorginho look great value, so I would probably sell him

  • @ChazFI123 Jorginho will not walk straight back into the team like people think. Gilmour changes the entire way Chelsea play compared to Jorginho and the feeling around Chelsea fans is Gilmour is first choice now because of that. The difference in the two is night and day. Gilmour offers so much more in every aspect.

  • @NewUser508282 not taking anything away from Gilmour but yesterday he was the extra man in midfield for the whole of the game as Everton refused to change to a 3 man midfield. Yes he's been impressive but I think people have got a big carried away, especially as an FI hold

  • @ChazFI123 I agree on the FI aspect but the tempo he sets (even against Liverpool) is completely different to Jorginho, Jorginho passes back and sideways most of the time and is far slower and Gilmour moves the ball forward and quicker, that is exactly what Chelsea have missed in some games and Jorginho can not tackle shown by his suspension in the league and champions league currently, Gilmour can and the team trust him more than Jorginho defensively because of it. He should've had an assists when he was moved further forward as well. I admit Everton were poor and we had an extra man but the signs in his game are very promising from a fundamental stand point.

  • @NewUser508282 you can have almost double the amount of Jorginho's for your money, and one of them takes penalties which is what allows him to post the peak scores which are high enough to win PB. Also Jorginho will be Italy's main man at the Euro's and is a lot better PB wise for them. Single name factor for MB too. Realistically short term the only returns you may get on Gilmour are MB and that will dry up if he plays regularly as the media get bored of youngsters after a month or so in the side. Cracking potential player but I'd be amazed if he was still at this price by the summer

  • I'm suprised his price has held up so well. With the universal advice on FB and the forum to bail out he is still at £3.24 this morning. Undoubtedly a good player this is FI and as volitile as it's ever been.

  • @ChazFI123 Yes i agree and i do hold Jorginho, my point was from a footballing standpoint at Chelsea Gilmour offers a lot more not FI and currently and the hype does seem to be justified from a footballing aspect which means he is more likely to play. For the first time i can actually see Jorginho leaving in the summer as well. In serie A Jorginho will flourish for PB imo.

  • I'd take the money and run.

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