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  • How long in general does it take to sell players that you put on sell queue?

    I have couple players I put on today on the sell queue including Neymar.

  • Completely depends on the supply vs demand for the player. Someone like Neymar is pretty much always in demand so the queue should move fairly quickly, however there's also a much larger supply and so the sell queue is likely to be much larger than most other players (remember you have to wait till everyone in front of you has sold their futures before you sell yours. Conversely, some of the cheaper players will have a much smaller queue but the demand for them is substantially smaller. Very tough to put an exact time on how ling it takes to sell any player for these reasons, although in my experience Neymar usually won't take longer than 48 hours. Hope this helps!

  • @NewUser127981 really depends on players and what's going on in market. I normally shift most in 48 hours

  • @Blue-Python
    Yeah thanx for that. Only thing is we don't know how long this queue is do we?

  • @NewUser127981 Unfortunately not mate, this is something FI have said they want to address but have not given any sort of timescale on this as yet!

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