Stop losses - gamble responsibly

  • @Timothee-Atouba 100% mate. That's the problem. It makes all the appeal seem to be in MB, but who trades specifically for MB these days? That's why most people will not be geared up for the current market climate. Everybody has been trading for the euros and PB. I hold a few transfer spec players but the bulk is PB, promotion and Euros. I'm off trend so I'm not gonna market sell much. Probably a lot of us are in that boat. Hand on heart, do you think the euros will go ahead? I definitely do. Therefore I think I'll be good before April is out, and this will be a memory. Furthermore, what ever comes from FI tomorrow will be academic.

    Yes, theres a possibility I'm wrong and the Euros dont happen. If that's the case in probably in for a rough ride but I'd have to IS to re-structure and that's definitely gonna hurt, and even more so when the Euros do happen!

  • @MickTurbo. Honestly, I have no idea if they go ahead. If this virus escalates and is still live as expected then it absolutely should not go ahead.
    However, lots of money is involved and that is the only reason Cheltenham is going ahead this week.
    It’s not in the interest of public health.

  • @MickTurbo I have a 23 man port and only two what I’d consider problem holds right now.
    Eriksen for Euros and europa.
    Moreno for Euros (I’ve only let it go as he’s £1.40)
    The market is behaving as though the euros is off so it doesn’t matter what we think right now!

  • @Timothee-Atouba I would contest that slightly.

    I dont think the market is behaving as if the euros are off. I think the market is behaving as if theres an announcement tomorrow which would be of benefit to transfer spec players, should the euros not go ahead.

    Big balances being raised so ppl can flip Grealish and others. If there was no announcement then I do think scared money would still be coming out, as it was prior to the pre-announcement announcement. But post pre-announcement announcement, ie the last 2 days or so, that little bit of red has got much worse.

    Theres definitely gonna be a quick buck to be made tomorrow and if I was off work it be one of the vultures, but I'm not off so I'm leaving it alone. Tomorrow I'm almost certainly gonna suffer but once the dust settles I'll probably plateau. Then ultimately it will depend on what happens going forward.

    Edit: I' to listen to @Westy anyway mate, I agree with what you're saying broadly, just thing theres a subtle difference in the way we're looking at things

  • @Vespasian32 With regard to your post where you talk about a player reaching a price point, then declining in value whilst you feel he can hit an even higher price point....

    What is confusing me is that you have preached many times to sell the spike. You have also stated that the best way to make money is to trade in and out of players.

    It seems to me your issue is one of discipline. You know what to do, but greed prevents you executing.

    Am i correct? Although my post comes across as offensive, it is not intended to be, I want to understand.

  • Lower end cheaper players seem to be really suffering should we not be buying loads at this stage, higher more expensive players seem stable, Euros won't be cancelled football is too powerful, don't leave dude you seem very wise I always read your posts

  • @NewUser544952
    When do people think this selling nightmare (apart from a small amount of players) will end?

    With the threat of little football in march and possibly april could it last two months or will FI attempt to bring money back in.

    Have not witnessed anything like this in my time using FI.

  • @Vespasian32 give the Mrs £50k hopefully you’ll get lucky in more ways than one 😂.

    Then reinvest the rest when you feel ready to do so with the good advice you posted with Westy on the hindsight 👍.

    Play around with 1 or 2k in the meantime.

    Lastly with ports dropping think of the poor bastard who’s moved peter crouch up +1p today......they’ve already lost 27p per future 😬.

  • @Vespasian32 I read your initial post and have skim read bits of the thread.

    Your strategy has always interested me, quick flips and IPDs predominantly. I like it. I struggle to do it myself without overtrading. However, you need football to be played for both, mainly, so with the current instability it makes sense you're taking a hit. I would hold. I am taking a hit for the first time since the dividend increase (as a holder of many young and cheap or non-PB prospects, that was ugly and this could get there!) I'd even be tempted to do the @ScouseSte classic and 30 day it. I don't see this shit changing soon.

    @Timothee-Atouba I'm sure these are the same size divs that saw Pogba and Neymar hit 24£. Now this was also down to media being on ly for the top 200 but I think there is still plenty of growth left.

  • The Index is too far gone for it to go will recover. Great time to top up on those that have dipped.

  • @Lukeroro

    Funnily enough mate I'm just waiting on this announcement today and then I'm gonna spunk my cash balance on a couple of pb players who are already cheap but might fall further today. Then I think a little 30-day time out is probably for the best. I've got faith in my port so I'm happy to leave it. In fact, might just keep timing out until next season 😂😂

  • I'm also in bit of a downward spiral. Been all rockets for me since I joined last May but my port seems to be out of favour at the worst possible time. Had a terrible weekend 3/4 weeks ago and since then its only been downwards. Have about 10% rising to 90% falling.
    Feels like trying to catch a falling knife at the moment.

    I've built a cash balance. Normally in situations like this I would be scooping up bargains but i'm waiting a little longer. Partly because I'm worried we will see further falls but also because for the first time i'm slightly doubting my judgement.

    Tempted to just take out profits and play with starting balance. Sitting at almost exactly 100% right now. Knowing me i'll whack it all back in at the first sniff of a positive announcement as most people will and we will be back in a booming market.

  • I took out a wedge last night... Final straw was my Mrs getting involved sending me links about Italian football etc.. No amount of money is worth trying to explain the index to her!

    I've kept my Josh Onomah and Luis Advincula 😂

    I reckon they will do a deposit bonus so I'll throw £20-30k back in straight away and just set myself new exit points etc.

    My taking money out isnt about my faith in the index or my strategy... Purely self discipline to prevent that gamblers mentality of writing off losses until before you know it you thought you were walking away with life changing money, to being happy just taking a small win or loss or stake back out etc. Evry time I pass a certain amount... I set a new exit point. This was the first time I hit one of them.

  • @Vespasian32 well done for maintaining the discipline.

  • @Lukeroro Those old prices were almost entirely dictated by share split anticipation, pending dividend increase and only 100 shares to move a penny. Just 11% of the money to move a price along with other excitement factors.
    Just because something was X price once doesn’t mean it should be again.

  • @Timothee-Atouba I understand that. Agree with it too. So how would you dictate value?

  • @Vespasian32 Please to hear you've maintained a position on this upcoming Euros break out star. Us holders can all rest easy.😜0_1583843363487_Screenshot_20200310-122506.png
    Looks like you may have jettisoned the Italian end of your port but that's maybe smart housekeeping in this current climate.0_1583843480087_Screenshot_20200310-122356.png

  • @Dalien-Smith unfortunately it was me who caused kownacki drop a month or so ago! When they bought in uwe rosler to ensure relegation... And he got injured again to boot. Long term value in kownacki is ridiculous tho 60p I'll almost certainly be back in at some point.

    Gaetano... Well I didn't own... But that's exactly why I'm disciplined with stop losses... So easy to hold too long thinking it can't get worse and then boom down another 15% in a week.

  • @Vespasian32 I’ve been here for a couple of years now, and made good money. This is the worst period ever on it for me. I’m still way up, in fact I’ve withdrawn what I put in a while ago, and then some. I’m putting it down to this virus stuff on top of what is usually a quiet time. I’m just holding till things pick up. Don’t even check on often at the moment, seems pointless as nothing is moving...

  • @Robert-W said in Stop losses - gamble responsibly:

    @Vespasian32 I’ve been here for a couple of years now, and made good money. This is the worst period ever on it for me. I’m still way up, in fact I’ve withdrawn what I put in a while ago, and then some. I’m putting it down to this virus stuff on top of what is usually a quiet time. I’m just holding till things pick up. Don’t even check on often at the moment, seems pointless as nothing is moving...

    The top end has moved mate.

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