Real Madrid's Ins and Outs....

  • Hey Guys

    Let's hear your opinions on who will leave Real and who will join them in the summer transfer window....

    Here are my Ins/Outs:

    IN = Neymar, Pogba and Morata
    OUT = Isco, Bale and Varane



  • @AndyP32 I'd be along the same lines except a centre back instead of Morata. They can't go into next season with just Ramos, Nacho and Vallejo.

    So I'll nick you selections if you don't mind and swap Morata for Inigo Martinez!

  • @Pierrey2129 They have Varane

  • @Blue-Python The original poster was suggesting Varane to be one who will leave, without mentioning a replacement - I think that's what @Pierrey2129 meant

  • @BL__FI Fair enough, can't see why they'd let him go though? Only scenario where I think that would happen is a swap deal with DDG, which as a United fan would be catastrophic!

  • @Blue-Python Maybe @AndyP32 can explain his thinking ... :)

  • @BL__FI That is the reason why i chose Varane as out, with him being linked to Man U and the fact that they usually get the defenders they bid on then it is just a matter of time....

  • Vinicius Junior is joining this year.. he could be the next wonder kid!

  • @NewUser113421
    For sure, keeping my eye on him

  • @NewUser113421 said in Real Madrid's Ins and Outs....:

    Vinicius Junior

    £2.29 for a player thats not even in the Madrid team, (no idea if a transfer has been agreed if it hasn't WTF) then he has to break into the first time IMO i could spend £2.29 on much better options. But fair play to you if the gamble works out for on the "could" be the next wound kid.

  • Vinícius Junior is signed to Real Madrid but he’s going to be back out on loan to his existing club for the next year so he won’t be in Madrid for 2018-19. People speculating well in advance he’s the next Robinho I guess...

  • @Golfing-Grandad don't quote me on this but I'm sure I read somewhere that he's now gonna join the Madrid team for the start of the Spanish season after initially agreeing to leave him until the end of the Brazilian season this year. But again not 100% sure where I read this.

  • @John-Renwick Fair enough, makes it more understandable why people are putting in decent sums on him then. He could be a Gabby Jesus at Madrid which would be unbelievable MB-wise and that’s staggering potential. He’s too much for me though at the moment when I can speculate on possible transfers on those others we’ve discussed in the other thread. Good luck if you’re on Vinícius 👍🏼

  • I’m going big on Hazard to Real Madrid. He’s been a long term target for them. It’s no secret that after Barca’s dominance in the league Real are going all out this summer and will stop at nothing to get top targets like Hazard. Could well be the long drawn out transfer saga of the summer getting plenty of MB on a similar scale to the Sanchez saga.
    Throw on top of that he’s likely to be one of the Star player for Belgium this World Cup, I think his price at £6.04 is a steal. Could easily jump up to the level of Salah & Kane at £8 maybe even £9.
    Plenty of MB, quite possible a lot of PB and certainly decent capital gains surely one of the most potential for high returns on investment.
    Then again, none of this may materialise and he stays as he is. But that’s the beauty of FI. You get some right you get some wrong but the ones you get right increase greater than the ones you get wrong.

  • @NewUser45842
    The thing with Hazard is the added bonus that if a move doesn’t happen, that’ll just fuel more MB for the following season and still bring in PB as one of Chelsea’s best players. So if his price is still rising now, it would continue to do so. Harder to get a lot of shares at £6 a pop but potential is definitely there

  • @FranklynMary That will be owners' best case scenario. Happened with Sanchez and Coutinho and meant that there was an extra 6 months of speculation that wouldn't have happened if the move just went through smoothly.
    The issue with these big transfer stories is that a massive percentage of the player's value is tied up in the transfer rumours. As soon as the deal is confirmed this value dissolves, especially when the move is away from the PL

  • Also why in a million years would they sell there best young up and coming players such as Varane, Isco, Asensio, when they have older players like Bale, Modric, Benzema on high wages and not cutting it how they once were

  • Eriksen to Madrid

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