How is the players price risen?

  • I was wondering whether the player's prices went up by 1p for every 100 futures bought or whether it's done differently. If done differently please tell me. Thanks

  • @NewUser59855 I asked football index about this at the London event. Basically there is no rule sometimes it's more than 100 sometimes less than 100 depending on what's happening in the market. Generally 100 is a reasonable benchmark

  • @Noirx4 Thank you. If there's no rule though, that means they can make it however they want which might be bad for us.

  • @NewUser59855 there is some sort of methodology and the impression I got was that it was to help protect traders rather than negatively impact us

  • @NewUser59855 It is a little worrying that there are no details meaning they can manipulate the market how they see fit

  • @James I m not worried by that. Because I know FI wants to keep the website as attractive as possible. So i do not know why they should manipulate. And by the way they are monitored by the gambling comission and as far as I remember I meant to have heard that they want to make this and the whole buy / sell process more transparent in the future.

  • @James It's what I thought.

  • The way i understand it....If there is a total investment in player A of 1,000 futures and in player B of 40,000.....then purchasing 100 of player A will affect the price more than purchasing 100 of player B. "100 futures" is just an arbitrary number, i guess in order to do the kind of calculations you are after you need to know the total investment in a player, then you can work out what 100 futures equates to in %.

  • Anybody have any other information?

  • @NewUser59855 dude the only way you're going to get more info is to pin down the FI tech guy at a meeting and interrogate him. He wasn't keen on going into detail though

  • This post is deleted!

  • As far as i know as a rule of thumb, you buy 100 it goes up 1p sell 100 it drops 1p, however not sure that works out mathematically as if thats the case, theres only 11,570 shares owned of Neymar and surely its much more, also I have bought say 400-500 in one go and its only went up 2-3p, so I really have no idea, but like i say i generally work on the rule of if you buy 100 it goes up 1p, I have often wondered if buying say 500 futures 20 at a time over a longer period of time reduced the 1p increase spike as the index responds more when theres an instant larger movement?

  • @SMacFI Thank you. Yes, I did think myself that it increased by 1p to each 100 futures bought but I don't think so because as you said Neymar wouldn't be bought so much. It would be better for us if he did go up 1p for every 100 futures bought however as it would mean his price would go up very fast, and we would get rich when we sell him. It makes sense for Football Index however to do things differently.

  • He’d just hit the sweet spot a bit earlier but you wouldn’t be any better off. Every player has a true market value in the longer term.

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