• Surprised not many are on this guy with the promotion. Gained me a fair few MBs since his move and seems to be there or thereabouts in the media. A few more goals and Solskjaer will surely make his move permanent. The fans have taken to him too. Likely to start in Europa this week. Anyone any thoughts?

  • Exactly my thoughts and always backed since a year back but done what I exspected with United yes Fernandez might of helped but he is big focal point atm

  • @NewUser451455 as a Utd fan, in really hope he doesn’t make the move permanent no matter how well he does. Why would we sign a ST who is ageing, who we’d have to replace again in a couple years? We’d be in the exact same position we are now. I can get behind the loan move he has atm, but not a permanent one. Making him permanent would go against everything Ole has done so far in the transfer window since he took over

  • A true United fan knows we do best when we have a so called 'ageing' front man up top..

    Teddy , Van Persie, Zlatan, Berbatov...

    Ighalo is the next to join that illustrious list.

  • They will more than likely bring in another striker in the summer but Ighalo is a good backup for any side and he's shown that since his move. A couple of key players on the injury list and he's a great inexpensive backup who will do give his all since he supported them as a kid

    I feel like he's got two or three big moments in him before the end of the season

  • Ighalo goal was top draw if neymar scored that he’d of shot up and be raced about. Not bad pb scores for him for first half on for a big one one hopes!

  • @NewUser451455
    I bought 495 shares at 1.60p about a month ago his price went down 20p today rised up to 1.66p.
    Dividends paid around out £78. Quality player scores goals and consistant

  • I'd imagine there will be plenty of speculation about his move becoming permanent over the closed period - the timing of his goal/performance was perfect for Ighalo holders.

  • I’m annoyed I didn’t get in at a quid but at £1.40 average price I’m happy. 18p last night and maybe 10 today! Could actually get his price back in divs he summer with all the speculation!

  • @Chris-J agreed - he could be one of the 'cheaper' media holds for however long this football ban goes on.

  • Can see him bagging a few 6p’s and 2p’s over the next month.

  • @Elmer said in Ighalo:

    Can see him bagging a few 6p’s and 2p’s over the next month.

    Yep. I plan on getting on when I've built up enough dividends to pay for 100 of him.

  • The only issue I have with him is that he only seams to appear at the top of media rankings if he's played a game.. so because there are no games to play I just don't see him doing so much media wise imo

  • @Barkez_86

    I was worried about this but we all know you can only win media if the articles include "Man Utd" so he's already one of the favoured few & with the "will he, won't he make the switch permanent" likely to be ongoing I can see him hitting dividends once maybe twice a week. Normally that wouldn't tempt me but given the double payouts & likelihood of no matches for the foreseeable future & some sort of Media madness to fill the Euro's void (when they are oficially cancelled) I think he might be quite undervalued, even now.

    I'm buying a few through gritted teeth at 175p having held thousands at 20p average buy price a couple of transfer windows back but dumped them when a move from China didn't materialise. My timing on him has simply been awful but I'm hoping that his MB appeal repays some of that lost rise!

  • @NewUser159387 I've decided to bite the bullet and bought in at 1.83 😬

  • I've bought him late yesterday....

    As soon as OGS said they wanted to retain him going into next season.

  • @Ericali said in Ighalo:

    As soon as OGS said they wanted to retain him going into next season.

    Yes I thought that was very significant; he also looks the part from what little I've seen of him, so even as a short term fix or backup it looks nailed on. I know he won the EL top Forward on Thurs but does anyone know how his PB numbers stack up & game suits the scoring matrix? A PB player as well as MB would be an added bonus!

  • @NewUser159387 he's one of the few on here that has value as a stock at the minute. Them 10p & 6p's can soon add up & this thing could go on for 3 months!

  • I've made hundreds now on Ighalo. Sold at the wrong time as he was scoring that goal against LASK but jumped back on at 1.40 and again at 1.85 as see he's in demand now!

  • He was obvious value at £1.35 when he scored his goal a couple of days ago. Annoyingly I didn’t hit the buy button as there was so much uncertainty in the market. Decided yesterday I couldn’t resist any longer and bought 1500 at £1.69 average.

    It’s been a great start to the weekend!

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