Who are the last two players you bought and why?

  • Obviously, none of us are too keen on people pushing their own holds on here, but it's always going to happen and can be useful as long as it's done in a reasonable way. So I thought it might be good to have a "safe space for lemonading" ;) Unfortunately we can't sticky topics, but if it's popular it will stay up the top anyway.

    So, tell us your two most recent buys and the thinking behind them, and then people are free to do their research and decide whether to invest themselves, or maybe provide counterpoints, alternatives etc.

    I wouldn't want this to seem like a roundabout way for me to excuse bigging up my own holds, so I'll refrain from posting my buys (for the time being at least!) and open up the floor ...

  • Cengiz Under - saw he was quite a bit of his highs so bought in at 1.35, he's in the QFs of CL and he's hopefully gonna get a bit of transfer spec over the summer (next Salah a potential headline)

    Isco - Although he has sharply risen following his fine performance v the Argies, he seems to tick every box for me; in QFs of CL, in a team that should go far in the WC, has had some transfer spec about possibly coming to England and is 25 so coming into his prime years.

  • @Blue-Python Yep, don't hold either but can see the sense in both. Just wonder if Under is going to be a consistent performer or bit of a flash in the pan, but that's a calculated risk. and Isco also has the single-name media bonus!

  • Koke and Saul Niguez , same reason they both dropped at the start of MB fortnight so looking to offload at a profit in time for euro cups. Both up about 20p so far.

  • To be fair i don't see the problem putting out a shout on a player, if you have discovered someone undervalued and got in there first why not point it out, but point it out in a constructive way, why he's undervalued and give people a full break down, to why you think there undervalued, as it helps new players on the Index, in what they should be looking for and gives them a bit of confidence of what players to look at, I drum into people to always do there own research first. but its when people come on with weak shouts, with little up sides just to raise the price of there own players to flip them.

    I have a caused a shit storm here for doing it in the past so will sit this one out and keep the shouts to my chat group, but will be interesting to see others ideas and reasons for choosing and the criteria they look for when buying.

  • @BL__FI said in Who are the last two players you bought and why?:

    @Blue-Python Yep, don't hold either but can see the sense in both. Just wonder if Under is going to be a consistent performer or bit of a flash in the pan, but that's a calculated risk. and Isco also has the single-name media bonus!

    From what I have seen with Under his baseline is rubbish, he relies on goals for good scores, so if he goes through a dry spell he could take a big dip.

  • Correa of Athletico cos he dropped during the international break there. I'm currently up about 10p on him as it stands and he has Europe and a potential world cup.
    Marcos Acuna of Sporting. I already flipped him for a tidy profit in the last rounds of the Europa. He's dropped back down to 2p lower than he was back then when I bought him. So still in Europe and a reasonable chance of making Argentina's world cup squad. Again, already up a few pence but I feel he can easily go another 10p at least before the European games kick off.

  • @John-Renwick
    Was this just before, during or after the Europa games that you flipped him?

  • @BL__FI Increased my holdings in Salah and Pogba. Salah because I think he's a great player and I believe he has the potential to go £10 plus. Pogba because he is always in the news although I don't really understand why.

  • I've done the final bit of revalancing today to move from an MB focus to a EL/CL focus (tbf it isn't really much different).

    But my two 'new purchases' were both made when I saw the result of Serbia's game on Tuesday night

    Mitrovic @ 69p - 150 of
    Nastastic @ 48p - 200 of

    Worked out well so far, both were just undervalued really and both had had surges in with part month or two so I knew they were on trader's radar as it were. Both will play in WC and Mitrovic is the new darling of pundits everywhere.

    Could flip for a nice profit but they aren't taking up much in the way of capital so I'll just see how it plays out.

    Top tip (not a player tip) - have a look any portfolio video and chances are the guys at the top are in profit... Just pick up a few players that you like the look of and hold for two weeks, go walk the dog or speak to your mother, distract yourself from the constant need to trade and the fear of missing out. Come back two weeks later and marvel at your footballing genius. It's really that simple. ✌️

  • @Pierrey2129 oh and if you pick Lewa and when you come back he's exactly the same, just check back in a day or two he'll be back up😂 the man is on a of string I swear

  • Been slowly adding Kane, on basis of a return to £10 club. Must have MB in return and leading up to and in WC. PB bangs in goals & transfer rumours for Summer & English..,
    Chalobah - Finally will return for Watford, Southgate took to WC gathering so must be quality, Will be main man with Doucoure leaving & Cheap..

  • Jamie Vardy and I’ve been crying ever since. Thought he would be main man with Kane out. Price has dropped by 30p. Second last was Werner and happy with that.

  • Messi - no explanation needed

    Salif Sane - plays bundesliga and Senegal. Senegal could progress out that group and current price may see a rise.

  • Will add one now as feel left out, and he was only first cheap so just bought a few for fun. Maxwell Cornet, young up and coming at Lyon breaking through, and also a 7m release clause weak links to spurs 54p, cant go any lower

    Dani Ceballos, the rumours are just not going away, lot of stories breaking today, that are going under the radar as he is not quite yet in the top 200 £1.20

  • Pogba and mane.

    Pog should be getting buzz consistently, no brainier I think.

    Mane really for champions league and World Cup pb.

    I also brought a lot of Lewis Cook. Looking at the price of James Maddison, Cook seems cheap to me, he will get a transfer at some point and has potential to be very good.

  • Naingollan - cheap, in the champions league, possible WC for Belgium and potential premier league rumours in the summer

    Vidal - champions league and now Man Utd rumours

  • Vardy - As a hedge if Kane gets injured.
    Lucas Hernandez - hes fairly cheap, Atletico have some good games coming and he has a wc chance

  • @NewUser104703 AGAIN! I mean once Kane comes back, if he gets injured again!

  • Great idea for a thread

    Sterling - hasn't risen as much as I thought he would in advance of CL and WC so I've topped up. He's the most nailed on 'forward' at the most dominant team

    Jose Gimenez - stats, transfer spec, EL favourites with Atletico and WC with Uruguay, just had a minor injury so price dropped a bit , looked a good time to get in

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