mid-low player predictions

  • after gearing my portfolio to euro players ranging between 0.70 -£2 i'm experiencing fairly sizable drops accross the board. i'm fairly happy to hold and i think ive probably missed the boat on instant selling alot of these, as people look to chase the high div players. how long do you think we are looking before players at the lower end of the market start to recover from recent drops?

  • @G27 said in mid-low player predictions:

    after gearing my portfolio to euro players

    If & when the Euros are cancelled this strategy won't have worked out too well but if you've picked decent players they will recover in time.

  • @G27 I'm in the same boat and have still been in freefall after the announcement yesterday. I'm holding firm at the moment. Keep thinking players must have bottomed out but they are still dropping. The increased dividends is clearly helping the top end of the market so think I'm just going to have to ride this one out.

  • @NewUser731

    i ended up selling about 20 % of my players so if nothing else its made me feel like im being pro active - i'm now looking to distribute those funds - 50% into existing portfolio and 50% on new players

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