How high can Werner go

  • With all the speculation ov a move to the prem, plus with champ league progress with Leipzig, add to that thee euros with Germany. What r people’s thoughts on his price on fi ???

  • @NewUser270524 £6.50-£7. Maybe slightly more. 👍🏼

  • Interesting view, is that your price perspective at what point?

    Guess he will never be a media darling, watched him last night and with RBL he's involved in the play, took a couple of corners and went past people with pace so plenty of PB virtues. In some respects he looked very much like Salah, just not sure he will be played in the same way after a move. Guess his involvement at the Euros and the progress of Germany will play a role too.

  • @NewUser270524 loads of pace but im not convinced on how good he is, im sure he will always score goals but nothing special to me... but your question is how high can he go, depends if united want him or a prem team. Utd want the fiorentina lad from what i head but liverpool have sniffed around werner b4

  • I bought at £4 and sold at £5. Surprised to see him keep rising to be honest but if the links to the Prem continue then he may well go up to £6.50ish.

  • Banned

    Bought at £1.74 and think he can hit £7-8 fairly easily so still holding

  • Average striker compared to Lewandowski, but ridiculously good buy atm in FI terms. Guaranteed money, buy buy buy.

  • @chaps1988 Compared to Lewandowski most strikers are average as he has proven he is world class.

    Seen enough of Werner to confirm he is much better than average.

    Incredibly hard worker who both scores and assists and one of a rare breed of strikers who can post very decent pb scores.

    I think he would really suit Liverpool's style of play.

    Real chance of him heading to PL.

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