Cristian Pavon

  • Hi everyone,

    I haven't used the forum for literally years! Going to give it another go rather than Twitter, let's see how it goes.

    So for full disclosure, I have 1000 Pavons, by volume my biggest hold. I had him a while ago and actually made a 100% profit so I'm happy with life regardless. Im looking for some opinions as to whether I increase further or hold as I am.

    My belief is that he is in his second year of a loan to LA Galaxy which he is using as a launchpad to get form back ahead of a move to Europe. Im not convinced it will be a Barcelona/Arsenal like what was mentioned before, but with Newcastle having paid a decent amount for Almiron out of the MLS, and with him having been previously linked with a move to Europe I am confident something will happen.

    If he returns to Boca I may be stuffed, if he gets a permanent transfer to the MLS, same thing.

    All thoughts welcomed!!


  • @LukeRiley I saw a rumour going around that LA Galaxy want to purchase him permanently at the end of the loan deal, unsure how true that is though.

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