Has the index changed for good or is it a phase?

  • So my portfolio has been consistently dropping and dropping for maybe 10 days now. The deposit bonus and double dividends announcement hasn't stopped the drop for me.

    I hold quite a diverse portfolio but admittedly I don't hold Neymar, Sancho, Bruno, Pogba or Mbappe (have held a couple of them in the past).

    The whole platform seems to be dropping bar the premium top 20 or so.

    It's demoralising seeing that my port has lost a few more quid every time I open the app. I'm happy to ride it out, if it's going to change, but at the moment the money doesn't seem to be going on my holds.

    I hold Bernat who scored tonight and Morata who got a goal and assist and Firmino who got a goal and yet my port has still continued to drop all evening.

    The serie A drop is understandable as effectively the whole league are injured.

    Someone tell me to keep the faith and that it should come good. Where is the bottom so I can top up then haha

  • @BradD That’s the way it goes after a boost to dividends. It won’t last. In reality the gaps in price between players should be proportionately the same no matter what the dividends are.
    The smart people get in first to create excitement and impulsive buying then move on leaving the latecomers out of pocket.

  • @Timothee-Atouba said in Has the index changed for good or is it a phase?:

    @BradD That’s the way it goes after a boost to dividends. It won’t last. In reality the gaps in price between players should be proportionately the same no matter what the dividends are.
    The smart people get in first to create excitement and impulsive buying then move on leaving the latecomers out of pocket.

    There just seems to be so much instant selling right now. People even ISing Bruno Fernandes etc, it just seems a crazy market ATM

  • I’m in the same boat port dropping but keeping the faith I know it shan’t be forever and certain circumstances aren’t helping with the Corona virus but just got to stick it out too many people like sheep and get scared as soon as a players price drops a couple pence or as said above get on the band wagon too late and get burnt! The money will seep down the market that’s what has always happened.

  • These are crazy times. With every day there seems to be a bigger chance of no Euros, leagues not finishing, after tonight’s Juventus news would anyone be surprised if the European knockouts get postponed or cancelled too?

    FI have taken steps to stop people simply pulling money out, but what’s that done is move money wholesale in the big players most likely to win multiple media days.

    This Covid thing won’t stick around long (I hope) so there’s virtually no chance the Index has changed for good. My suggestion is either ride it out or join the crowd and get involved with some high profile media players.

  • Personally any spare money now is going into dropping players they will bounce back jumping like a sheep is a difficult game play with fire and you’ll get burnt!

  • @Coleyscrooge If their is a crisis or uncertainty in the real world then people shy away from stocks and shares and plough it in to gold as it's a safe haven.

    That's one of the reasons the top elite players are getting the money as it's safer there than say 80-90% of the index.

  • Interesting 2 weeks, it looks to me the biggest opportunity since the div increase to make money!
    Deposit bonus, dividends, double media + more gold days in may/june (I suspect Euros will be postponed to allow leagues to finish)
    On top of that, many people IS lowering player prices, which they eventually will buy again in 2-3 months.

  • As they say in the trading world... BTFD or Buy The F***ing Dip.

    Market is artificially stretched as has been said above. Its a bit frustrating but we all know from personal experience once you've deposited money its hard to take it out as you always want to keep in a high riser or move to an opportunity.

    The money will flow down so either buy into the top guns and hope you don't get left holding expensive assets that have dropped as the early purchasers have sold or play the long game, get into the transfer rumours, 20/21 PB players or the next youth wave and be patient.

    Ultimately as along as the rationale for your good purchase hasn't fundamentally changed it'll come good again. e.g. I have a big hold in Foden who has dropped 30p since the new divs. He'll come good again and im not going to IS panic to only then panic buy back in when he shoots up again in 1/2/3 months. I don't have the capital to play that kind of game.

  • Every time someones port drops for a week, we see this type of thread.

    If your port is dropping (mine has dropped 2% this week), it's because of the choices you've made.

    You just have to ask yourself, if your buys still make sense in the time frame you thought it would. Have faith in yourself.

  • @BradD

    0_1583969338469_Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 23.24.36.png

    These guys aren't premium holds, so rest assured, it's not just the Sancho's etc.

  • Is IS down?

  • @BradD

    Try and not worry my man. I am in the same boat as yourself and refused to buy the premium players whilst they were shooting up recently.

    Here's what I have done ...

    I streamlined my portfolio, down to 13 players and am confident that they will not suffer massive losses over the coming weeks/months. Bernat, Sarabia, Malinovskyi, Douglas Costa, amongst others.

    I invested some fresh money yesterday into those players. I have decided against chasing any fresh IPD players for the next month as I believe European football is a few days away from following Italys example and postponing all sports for the foreseeable.

    Now, if that happens, I'm content that although my relatively cheap holds might drop a few pence, it won't be anything astronomical.

    Money will more than likely continue to be removed from the platform, but the important thing to realise is that if you 'buy the dip' and invest fresh money into the platform during this time, the 8% bonus you will receive will more than likely make up for any losses you accrue during this unprecedented world event.

    In short, what I'm saying is ... chin up, take a deep breath and open up the cheque book mate!! 😉

  • As @Dan-The-Man as said, players right across the ranges are taking a hit. Apart from Bruno, all my premium holds: Werner, Maddison, Grealish, EBH have dropped into the red. Markets go up/down. We have to be patient.

  • @Coleyscrooge media players seem to be a good option at the moment. Likely to see more games cancelled, double divs, and an improved MB system on the horizon.

  • Some very interesting and positive posts on this. To me personally, I don’t think it is unreasonable to ask myself the question of where will we be in 12 months time. I would assume and hope the Covid - 19 virus will no longer be an issue and therefore no disruption to sporting events.
    In the meantime despite the the European Leagues (some at least) not playing, it doesn’t mean youngsters will stop playing football and developing, it doesn’t mean footballers in general will cease to exist, it probably doesn’t mean they will stop training.
    What I’m saying is, FI is a stock market and external factors affect the stock market, but will football and footballers be playing again week in week out by Aug/Sep 2020 - most likely yes. So remain patient and keep calm, invest when low and dropping because who knows where will be in 12 months, world shut down and all of us in self isolation with still no football being played?
    I will risk buying in low now and losing my money against the odds of that happening

  • @Dan-The-Man Not necessarily (port dropping because of choices).
    First Bruno had a huge impact on people's ports, which saw a lot of people IS'ing perfectly good holds to jump on the train (most of Bruno money was existing money not new money) and then the whole corona shitstorm is shifting a lot of money which otherwise wouldn't have happened so I think this is more a case in which you have to respond/react to the market rather than have faith in players that you bought under a completelly different set of circunstances

  • Keep the faith

  • @NewUser143236 said in Has the index changed for good or is it a phase?:

    Keep the faith

    Thanks for your input Mr Jovi. 😘

  • Generally I'm pretty positive about the platform, I've had times where everyone's portfolio is flying and mine isn't and I've had times where mine is flying.

    What concerns me right now is that the market as a whole is doing poorly. The rocket emojis can be posted for Bruno and Sancho all people like but the Footie has been down something like 7 of the last 8 days?

    The deposit bonus made the Footie jump for 1 day and then yesterday it's back down again. My worry is that the platform is losing customers. Yes the big players are being invested in, but the rest of the market is dropping by more than they are rising.

    It's day 2 of an 8.25% deposit bonus and the Footie has dropped by 600. And that's with them basically offering free money and double dividends. Doing my best to keep the faith and I love the platform but it's a tough period

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