Serie A players - is now the time to buy?

  • The question is in the title really! My watch list is packed out with Serie A players.. Jesus it feels like Black Friday is approaching again πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Hold, hold - I think FI have another announcement in there locker once all football is suspended.

  • I sold my 2 Serie A holds this week, added to the watch list with an eye to buy back but currently I'm still waiting.

  • @JV96

    I see no Seria A players that won't be as cheap or cheaper next week or even next month - if you believe they are good value now you will have a genuine bargain if you have the patience to wait. I doubt the Euros will continue & most leagues will end up behind closed doors at best, if not abandoned altogether, so very few reasons to buy now (except 4/5 MB magnets who have already risen). Cash is currently King & if you time your buying correctly you will make handsome profits by the start of next season, which will happen despite the current "End of the world" panic, even before a ball is kicked. Make a watch list & bide your time is what I'm currently doing.

  • So much value on serie a if you’re in it for mid to long term. Worth buying and closing FI for a bit.

  • @King-Fergus buying now or biding your time and waiting until maybe next week for further price drops? It also looks like the Bundesliga could follow suit going off Angela Merkels announcement today.

  • @NewUser159387 solid advice mate! Waiting on big Rom to drop a bit more

  • @JV96
    I’d say bit of both.
    Buy bits and keep buying more if it drops more.
    Anyone decent under 25/26.
    Just be ready as FI will try to combat sell off / uncertainty with new offers.

  • I am steadily buying into serie a players. The beauty of FI is you do not get charged each time you buy (unlike for example company shares) so you can drip feed buys in over time

  • Don't try to catch a falling knife.

  • Buying good quality Serie A players is an easy way to make money over the medium term.

    The key question is when will they bottom out in price? Today, next week, next month?

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