Spreads! 😮

  • Over £2 on Sancho & Bruno.

    Kane huge etc. Wow!


  • £1.06 on Havertz as well, jeez.

  • This is a fantastic thing for all of us. Surely people won’t panic sell at these spreads! Let’s just agree to all sit tight right???

  • Well...... With them spreads that's money tied up in the top holds.

    Who's got a balance for the inevitable announcement?

  • Huge spreads became inevitable today, it had the feel of black monday back in early october. Spreads protect us all at times like this. The world is not gonna end. But it's likely to be a testing time

  • I've just seen people instant sell Havertz, doesn't look like the spread is making a difference! Crazy stuff

  • This is what FI should do. Increase the spreads. Got to remember they have to protect themselves too here. FIs business could be seriously impacted by all this which could mean less money for advertising etc etc.

    People have thrown their money at these top holds, increasing the spread shouldn't be a problem if people were happy to buy Sancho at £10 anyway. Shouldn't matter what his spread is.

  • @MickTurbo sit on your hands this time Mick!!!

  • @SteveP said in Spreads! 😮:

    @MickTurbo sit on your hands this time Mick!!!

    Sit on your money if any one has any left! 💰

  • @Ericali I wouldn’t object to them suspending trading or widening the spreads to silly levels!

  • This is what happens when Liverpool are going to win the league - apocalypse like scenario's everywhere!

    Where's my gun & bug-out bag! 😐

  • Needed to be done

  • @SteveP said in Spreads! 😮:

    @Ericali I wouldn’t object to them suspending trading or widening the spreads to silly levels!

    Seems like we are already there on the spreads....

  • @SteveP I've streamlined a bit. Just got rid of a few I thought were looking really vulnerable earlier on. Happy to just ride the storm with everything else

  • @MickTurbo Same i will topping up slowly on the way down until things bottom out and then loading up, this is the time fortunes are made.

  • @London-Is-Blue very true mate but there will be some very worried people I'd wager. Most of us have been here before

  • @SteveP
    people panic, and stock markets can fly up and down, and for what...an early summer hols?
    if people could think more than 1 week ahead that would be great but it wont change

  • @Ericali my balance is about 30% of my entire investment. I just don't have the confidence to do anything with it right now so it's just sitting and staring at me!

  • @Ericali I posted a thread on this yesterday and you said.

    "The spreads increase during games.

    Will be back to normal shortly after the match - relax."

    Others quite rightly pointed out the risk assessment by FI and spreads subsequently increasing with various ongoing dynamics. Understanding that yesterday allowed me to make an assesment on being more cautious on buying but also to understand whom I wanted to 'IS' before the spreads became even bigger. I decided to instant sell about 30% of my portfolio for a 5% hit to my overall profits, but that was a measured response to give me some liquidity (money will be going back in at some stage) and mitigate risk.

    This thread has quite an alarmist tone in my opinion which can fuel 'panic' decisions. Everybody should do what's right for them but my 2 cents are don't instant sell without weighing up the pros and cons to your profits properly.

  • This is the bonkers thing. You can guarantee the fools IS these players like Bruno and Sancho are the ones who missed the trend and got on late so have now inevitably taken a massive hit, I would guess a fair amount less than what they initially invested in the players.
    I’m guessing probably newbies who have never see this before.
    I feel sorry for those who dumped all their shares in holds like Bruno to buy Pogba. He’s not playing, is no longer the MB king and more than likely going to a league where he will struggle to get and type of div win.
    Just madness, give up on a strong hold like Bruno for Pogba.


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