Suspending FI

  • Luckily for us all the selling has subsided to an extent.
    You just got to wait it out and see what announcement they have up their sleeve to calm the market.

    Edit: Still selling🙄

  • Just wait till the PL is put on hold. We aint seen nothing yet. Gonna be carnage for a few more weeks.

    Sit on your port/hands.
    Wait for the dust to settle.
    Buy the bargains.
    Sit on your hands

    The market will come back, it'll just take time. Look at every financial market, world events cause consumer panic but once it settles more money flows in then before because people are intrinsically greedy and will gobble up the cheap prices. Just position yourself accordingly to ride the whales up, that's my plan.

  • @SIFI I agree, though I'd recommend washing hands rather than sitting on them at the moment.

  • @SIFI Really the Football in the UK should be behind closed doors to try and stop the spread and ideally from this weekend.

  • @Gazz127 PSG fans have showed playing behind closed doors doesn't work, fans will gather around the stadiums. Probably going to be all or nothing.

  • I wonder when it's finally going to click that you can't contain something that's airborne!

    Sensible hygiene measures, protect the elderly and those with underlying health conditions and 'Keep Calm and Carry On'.

  • I know some of you have said suspending FI wouldnt be allowed but i still genuinley think its the fairest and most sensible thing to do.
    the intention of FI is to prevent a mass sell off which theyve already put steps in place to do by creating the wider spreads, however there is still selling.
    increasing media madness/media divs works to an extent but its incredibly limiting, if FI want to appeal to the majority of punters then it isnt the way forward - ok some have portfolios geared towards this but there will be a higher % who dont - you cant just discount all of these peoples portfolios. and its too late for people to gear their portfolios now as its impossible to sell in order to generate funds.
    suspending for 3 weeks plus (assuming back to normal by then) - would take the decision out of peoples hands and it would also stop the mass sell off when the spreads return back to where they were as hopefully by then we will be getting back to normaility, instant panic will be over and members will see little reason to sell up their port.

  • @G27 suspending FI as a whole is probably the dumbest thing they could do. What if some people genuinely need to take the money out for real life reasons and they can’t? They’re not gonna he happy they can’t move money in or out are they - if FI did that I’d imagine a lot of users would walk away

  • @Andy

    i get that - i'm not saying they would/can do it...however i dont agree that users would walk away, i dont really see it being that much more drastic than widen the spreads to the extent that they have

  • @gball1975 My bad misread thought you meant Instant Sell

  • @G27 the point with widening the spreads is that it’ll still allow people to walk away if they choose to do so, but at a cost and rightly so. If the spreads weren’t as big and people sold to walk away it would be the people who stayed that pay the price as their players plummet in price. If people genuinely believe that the Covid-19 situation will last for a while and football won’t continue for the next few months, then they can walk away. But for those of us that want to stay, those spreads are there to protect our holds from rapidly dropping in value.

    I don’t know about you but I’d be mightily pissed off and lose faith in FI if I needed to take money out and they prevented me from doing so for a couple months just cause people are panic selling

  • @Andy

    yeah what your saying is obvious - i'm not saying i dont agree with the spreads - and i too am very pleased they have been put in place.

    maybe you are right and i'm being naive because i'm not in that position where i need to withdraw myy funds...i just think people would be more understanding than pissed off. but i get what you are saying

  • @G27
    i'm just not sure increasing media divs is a fair way of keeping the majority of FI users interested

  • @G27 I was thinking about this last night because Although I’ve got a couple of MB players my portfolio is based on PB. One thing I thought of was rewarding people with extra shares in their players? Don’t know how this would work in regards to affecting the prices though

  • Why would they suspend the market..I am still buying and have no intention of stopping..Football is never going to die and when the hysteria dies down, there is going to be a flood of money coming back into the platform..

  • Theyve got to let people trade. If they held our ports and cash out with our control they would lose loads of members as soon as they gave us control back for fear of them doing it again in the future. Imagine you are self employed and this virus has a massive impact on your business and you stand to lose it all but you have money in FI that could get you through it if only you could get to it. FI suspending the market now would have people concerned that they may do it again in the future and once that fear is in peoples heads its hard to restore confidence. They cant and wont suspend the market

  • Champions League and Europa League officially suspended

  • All we can really do; notwithstanding another FI masterstroke announcement having now lost over 50% of fixtures; is just weather the storm and endure the boredom.

  • Have to admit, on a personal level I'm starting to worry about this virus more and more, not for myself but my mum. Yesterday one of the deaths that the uk recorded was in my local hospital not 4 miles from where I live......and I was there 3 days ago *gulp

  • @Ddr You are not the only one. I have elderly relatives as well and unfortunately it is still going to get worse in the uk before it gets better i believe.

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