• Even if all football is cancelled for the foreseeable I don’t understand the current panic to sell. Unless people are planning on leaving for good. Once football resumes you have to re buy?

  • @Tincan Yep it is complete madness

  • Its good for people who dont need the money urgently or people with patience because they can just top up.

  • The deposit bonus is also net buys. So selling also means yours giving up your bonus 🤷‍♂️

  • @Tincan

    I can understand some panicking, like the toilet roll hoarders, good news for those of us looking for bargains but there will also be quite a few who are prudently planning for their lives outside FI & withdrawing a cash buffer. We all say don't risk more than you are willing to lose but there will always be some that greed gets the better of whilst times are good, & the platform has looked like a "one way bet" for too long, so a bit of market correction is not a bad thing & those who might be over exposed have had a shock. Selling can often be seen as a bad thing but it helps self regulate an over heating market & helps add some perspective to those who can only see green figures in their portfolio. I have absolutely no doubt that the platform will be far healthier this time next year than now but there will be bumps along the way & this is just one of them.

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