Adam Cole Statement on Corona Virus(Planned Media Contingency🙂)

  • Not my words. The words of Adam Cole

    Hello Traders,

    I just wanted to comment on the latest developments with respect to Coronavirus .

    Though Football Index is largely uncorrelated to financial markets, we do not exist in a vacuum. The postponement of individual fixtures and indeed whole leagues has caused some uncertainty.

    It’s worth reminding Traders while the outside world is in a short-term period of social panic, your Shares are indeed a 3-year bet. During this time they are underpinned by the value of the Dividend yield, which over the last 12 months has paid an average return of 11.77%*. This is critical to remember at all times, but particularly pertinent when we see global challenges like the current short-term viral outbreak.

    One of the wonderful elements of Football Index is that we have a win mechanic which sits outside of the requirement for fixture fulfilment. As promised, we will release a further statement on plans to roll out additional Media Dividend payments in the event of a lockdown on all fixtures.

    It is worth noting that we would be hugely surprised if fixtures were not ultimately fulfilled - for the integrity of the competitions, it is absolutely imperative. Clubs will have planned and budgeted for promotion, relegation and European competition. Once the initial shock of the virus is over, things will return to normal. Even in Wuhan, which was the epicentre of the outbreak, life is returning to normal.

    There is also an existing blueprint for a major tournament to be played in the winter months as we will see with the World Cup in 2022. In a worst-case scenario, I imagine there is the potential for Euro 2020 to be moved to the winter also or to the following summer. In any event I anticipate these matches going ahead, it’s really just a case of when.

    Whilst we have already announced a package of measures to provide stability to the market we will also undertake protective action to limit the impact of irrational/knee-jerk trading. We like to discourage short-termism wherever possible. As any seasoned Trader will tell you, a consistent trading strategy that is not knocked off course is the key to success.

    We don’t claim to know everything about Coronavirus. But what we do know with unshakeable certainty is that Football Index is a long term 3-year bet underpinned by the value of Dividends, and that ‘Football’ is forever.

    My thoughts and those of my team at Football Index continue to remain with anyone impacted by Coronavirus.

    Onwards and Upwards.

    Adam Cole
    Founder & CEO of Football Index

    *Yield calculation is the average of: each monthly Dividend payment divided by the total cost paid by Traders for all Shares held in the market each month for 12 months to Jan 2019.

    Coronavirus Update


  • Summarised............ 'STOP INSTANT SELLING!!!!'

  • @Dalien-Smith Thanks for sharing. Thought these were your comments to start with!!

  • Summarised...... I've made an announcement, but will be making another announcement very shortly

  • @Ericali said in Adam Cole Statement on Corona Virus(Planned Media Contingency🙂):

    Summarised...... I've made an announcement, but will be making another announcement very shortly

    Media Madness incoming??

  • @Marco27 Keep Calm and Stop IS

  • @Dalien-Smith No doubt they are making the right moves and reassuring to see how they've reacted.

    Once the buying starts we're back where we were (minus any commission for those that sold).

    Keep the faith people.

  • @Ericali yes, going to be another boost I think. Increase the bonus? Bring forward media divs boost? - notice subtle change re likely timing - was mid-April before, now on 'fixture lock-down'...

  • @Martyn-B said in Adam Cole Statement on Corona Virus(Planned Media Contingency🙂):

    @Dalien-Smith Thanks for sharing. Thought these were your comments to start with!!

    I can see why you might have thought that. A distinguished poster that i am😜. I've popped a disclaimer at the start👍.

  • It's pleasing Adam has come out and made this statement at this time amidst all this uncertainty. I feel a little more positive going forwards.

  • As good as it is to hear from a ceo early in these circumstances. I feel the words could’ve been better, the words shock and panic never should never be involved in a press release

    Ps onwards and upwards

  • They need to make as many players as possible worth holding. It’s difficult for sure with no games.
    They’ve tried with enhancing a handful of players and it hasn’t worked.
    I’d try 1p for every player for every 200 mb points daily up to a maximum of 5p per player. Not ideal but covers more players and seeing as though they’ll be upping media divs anyway that sort of structure should be workable.

  • @Timothee-Atouba yeah this would be a great way to refresh MB for the future too. Dividends earned by score rather than position

  • As luck would have it my portfolio is reasonably well set up for this ( you may have witnessed me banging on about MB players) but being realistic i still expect drops as people panic. I think now would be a good time to dig around the app store for an addictive little game to take some of my attention away from FI.

    Anyone got any good suggestions (not Plague inc 😂)

  • @Black-wolf Get a C64 and play paradroid, absolute classic.
    Now I'm really showing my age😉

  • @Black-wolf that gives me and idea how about a stock market type site where you invest in up and coming apps and get dividends based on plays per week.

  • @NewUser414667 well gamers have esports which has them becoming celebrities/pro gamers, whose not to say that gaming wont become the next big spectatir sport some may say it already is. Im sure gamers around the world would love your concept

  • @Black-wolf well then sell your Bruno shares and come start the business with me

  • @NewUser414667 wrong person for that kind of stuff im afraid. Tech doesn’t like me getting to close in fact i reckon my laptop fakes large updates just so i leave it alone 😂😂

  • Soon be time to start buying!!

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