Is my portfolio fucked ?

  • Here me out....

    Portfolio value around £250, very small obviously as testing the waters. Down 8% but so is everyone’s. My portfolio consists of young prospects (Mykolenko), and Euro/European football players (Bernat, Morata, Moutinho).

    I have no focus on Media as I don’t have the funds. With no games being played and no euros and likely no cap there much point me being on here anymore ?

    It’s all well for someone sitting there with all the media players, but owning 20 Bruno’s wouldn’t be worth it imo

  • @KingJimoT depends how long you are in this game for. Med-long term I think most players will rise in value again after the Coronavirus period has passed

  • I'm in the same boat as I don't own many of the top names. Just a case of sitting tight until the frenzy calms down and prices start to return to normal again. Only option really as IS would be crazy; especially with the current huge spreads.

    A good 75% of players on my portfolio are now showing -£0.15, -£0.28, etc.

    It will all blow over eventually and hopefully sooner rather than later if the world would just calm the f... down!

  • 8% is in line with the stock market ps don’t buy anyone over 30 they’re more likely to pass

  • Yeah I would say you are too late to think of selling up now. ISing would lose you a fair chunk of that £250.

    Sit tight, unless you desperately need that money. By the time the new season comes around you will likely be thankful you didn't sell up

  • I'd say turn off the website for 3 months and let it ride mate.

    I get you were banking on rises pre-Euro's.......we wait and see on those.

    But even if a ball isnt kicked until Sept, those players will rise again once things resume. With the FTSE plummeting and a base rate of 0.25% where would you put the money if you took it out ?

  • @Munchie63 said in Is my portfolio fucked ?:

    I'd say turn off the website for 3 months and let it ride mate.

    Best advice I have seen all day.

  • @KingJimoT I'm new as well but have absolutely no intention of IS ing my small amount away. I am here for the long term.

    I am adding slowly, sometimes one share at a time to players I hold who I think will return higher when this blows over. I am not pumping as I am like you and don't have many MB players. But players like Fabian Ruiz, Griezmann, Adil Aouchiche who I believe are worth more but dropping rapidly, I buy a couple more shares every 2 or 3 pence they drop.

    Mate, £250.00 is still £250.00. Every penny needs to be respected or how can you be trusted with pounds?

  • Totally agree with the ‘don’t look at your port for 3 months’ call. It’s stressful seeing your money drip away, whatever the monetary value of your port. It is worth remembering that these things are never quite as bad as they appear at the time. Will football return to normal? Yes. Do people love gambling / investing in football? Yes. Is there still confidence in FI? Yes. In my eyes they have handled this very well so far and with the buzz of a new season things are bound to go back up. Try to hold or even invest in some undervalued stock if you can afford to.

  • @KingJimoT You have done nothing wrong and been unlucky with your timing. Too late to do anything now, your portfolio will be worth more in 3 to 6 months. Deposit more if you can. If not either switch off as suggested or just watch and learn, maybe put players into watchlist and see how the market reacts to a fluid situation. Good luck!!

  • @Martyn-B
    I've bought a few players since Ze Dip but have added 10 to my watchlist.

    Gives me something to look at rather than my port, and a chance to see if my hunches work out without risking more capital. Of course, IF they all rise I might kick myself for not investing, but then again, it would show I'm on the right path and bode well for future buys.

    stops me from scrolling through my own port every day

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