A bit more light hearted

  • As it appears were are in for a wee storm as far as FI goes and the worry beads are coming out thought we might be a little bit more light hearted and predict 3 things that might happen in the future, be it 12 months or 3 years:

    1. Within 12 months Mo Salah will leave Liverpool and move to Germany - Bayern Munich or Leipzig. Initially I thought Dortmund but they buy them young.
      2,It is announce the 2020 Euro's will take place in 2021 and strangely Harry Kane is injured for the second half of next season and comes back to haunt the rest of Europe.
    2. 3 years - Swindon Town reach the premiership and their centre forward (whoever that might be at the time) will be the King of the index.
      I said light hearted so go on take the stress out of your life.

  • @Ericali Will make a post that @Dalien-Smith doesn't agree with and he will respond.

    And finally @Sol will mention Bruno Fernandes.

  • @Gary-T I know you're taking the piss but I think its quite likely the Euros could move to 2021 in order to allow leagues that have been postponed to finish in the summer...

  • 1 @Ericali makes his million pound target within 3 years and finally leaves us all in peace

    2 we get the first media storm about a footballer coming out and the arguments about whether they should be counted to mb

    3 the first female pro player gets signed to a mens team......and she's a keeper!

    1. Within 12 months Ovie Ejaria perma signs with Reading and leads them on a 30 game unbeaten streak on the road to promotion

    2. Within 3 years @Gary-T counts to 3 without assistance 🤪

  • @TotalPunt Because I wasn't edumacated

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