A More Targeted Direction..

  • I've come to the conclusion that most traders fill their ports with a range of young, talented players so their portfolios move with the general motion of the market...kinda like the adage a rising tide lifts all boats (or drops all boats as per today).
    Anyway...I'm considering moving my money to a more targeted approach which would consist of having maybe just 10-20 players all of whom have a genuine reason to rise in the short-medium term...like players returning from injury or players who have a transfer expected in the next window and that type of thing. I know those ideas are not original but to solely invest in players with a genuine reason to rise should minimize potential loses and also provide a definite point to sell the player and repeat...does anyone do this exclusively? - My current strategy is more varied as I'd suspect most peoples is..

    Or any opinions on why this mightn't work out? Thanks

  • i am in exactly the same place on this. ive been here for over 2 years now and done well with a diversified approach. but last week vastly reduced the size of my portfolio and want to go bigger on a smaller number of players. diversification is great and strongly advised, but kind of accepts that you will return the same as the market. after 2 years i am hopeful i can outperform the market.

  • @Wiillaah said in A More Targeted Direction..:

    Or any opinions on why this mightn't work out?

    This is how I operate... Moving cycle to cycle and mini cycles in mini cycles... Often consolidating a lot of money across a small number of players I have a high certainty of short term gains...

    You ask any reason why it might not work out...

    Ask yourself if you'd done this a month ago, who would you have chosen? That's where I found myself... So i had to take a reasonably big hit and sell up.

    The deposit bonus came the day after tho so I had a bundle of fresh cash to put in ☺

    I think it's a very good strategy. My favourite... But have to be aware that you won't always get the cycle right and you can find yourself stacked on losing players. Il keep doing it tho... Get it right more than wrong. Might just have to play a bit safer till we know what's happening with the end of season games tho!

  • You can diversify with a relatively small port as much as a big one. Why not have a 16 man port for instance, few mb, few pb, few transfers, few younguns? Just hold your best picks.

  • @Timothee-Atouba the issue is quite often the types follow cycles so by diversifying you offset big ups n downs and just grow with the market. If MB is where its at... Why not just have 10 mb players? It does require understanding the cycles... Timing the changes etc...its by no means easy or risk free... But remember the market is typically booming in certain areas...

  • @Vespasian32 Yeah, I agree and with the odd exception that’s what I do. But a lot of people feel safer with players from multiple brackets rather than pinpointing a trend.

  • I have a 5k port with 4 players
    Jota (for sale)
    moussa Diaby (for sale)
    Adil Aouchiche

    Doubt I’ll be able to shift Diaby unless he scores but if I do it’s going into Coutinho.

    Then tuning my phone off for a month.

  • @Wiillaah said in A More Targeted Direction..:

    Or any opinions on why this mightn't work out?

    Concentrating your assets also concentrates the risk; it was fairly safe to assume that a promising French forward moving to a Premier league team as their record signing would attract buyers, possibly MB & his price would rise. Just consider before lumping all your money on him that player was Emiliano Sala who sadly never finished that journey across the Channel. There is no such thing as a certainty & unexpected accident or injury can mean that you are facing a large loss on any individual player. If that player also happens to be a large % of your portfolio then your loss is magnified. I personally don't believe any player should represent more than 5% of any portfolio, no matter how good an investment they represented.

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