Albiol or Koulibaly?

  • Hey Guys

    #tomstipoftheday = Koulibaly

    I have gone for Albiol trading at 81p at the moment rather than Koulibaly is currently trading at £1.71....

    Stats on shows that both Albiol and Koulibaly have a rating of 7.12.

    Koulibaly has 4 goals and Albiol has 1 goal and both also have 1 assist.

    Who have you chose for Napoli?



  • I've chose neither but thought this same thought about a month back. I didn't buy in the end and Albiol won best defender I think. Both are strong but Albiol is older so Koulibaly is potentially a safer 3 year hold.

  • I can see where you're coming from in the sense that their PB scores are actually pretty similar, so Albiol is value in that respect, but there are good reasons for Koulibaly costing a lot more.
    With Albiol you're basically gambling on him winning a PB in the last 9 games of the season as they're out of Europe, he's 33 and he won't be playing at the World Cup or getting a big move this summer.
    With Koulibaly there are plenty of rumours of a summer transfer, as well as a regular place for Senegal and a slightly better PB record.

  • I own 100 koulibaly. He's usually close with his PB scores but not won since I've owned him so I hope he's due one soon.

  • Koulibaly. He has a lot more positives. Great PB, WC. Transfer spec. Age on his side rather than against, more goals

  • Yeah agreed, age, WC, xfer spec and most importantly far stronger goal threat.

    Albiol has just notched his 1 goal every 200 games so you statistically speaking it might be a while til his next one!

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