If we stick together we will come out STRONGER.

  • Yes worrying distressing times for us all.
    In my six months on here I have always felt comfort in feeling in control of my destiny . Spotting the next trend or realising a mistake and easily being able to tweak my port to deal with any short term change to benifit meself . The feeling of security and total control has been total.
    Now due to likely football shutdown for a period of anything between 3 to 6 months I feel I have very little control on a personal level . It has in a sense been taken away from me as an individual .
    But as a group we are still in total control .
    If as a group we sit tight relax and don’t panic by selling at crazy spreads we can together take back control and become stronger in the long run . It’s just a case of solidarity . I know there will be some that need these rainy day funds out of the platform but for most if we baton down the hatches for a few months we will come out the other side better and stronger .. we will I’m sure be rewarded as much as possible down the line.
    We will look back and be glad we never panicked .
    Come on fellow users let’s just sit this out and get through it . Let’s get control back in our hands .
    You know it makes sense . We haven’t lost anything on any player until we sell . Onwards and upwards .

  • Totally agree to coin a phrase from dads army DON'T PANIC. We just need to sit this out

  • Agreed don't panic and look at the low price buying opportunities and PLEASE everyone one stop instant selling.

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