Double Bonus Question For Us Numpties

  • Hi gang.

    Below is my last two days transactions:

    It seems that the first days bonus of £3.21 was correct as thats the total of all divs (11th of March).

    However the 12th of March seems wrong? Shows a bonus of £3 when the total of divs was £9.80?

    Have I read how it works correctly? Should I have got £9.80 instead?

    And then sometime today £0.61 for Bruno?

    Cheers lads and lasses.

  • @Millerman-again

    Your bonuses are correct. Due to Arsenal game being cancelled on Wednesday it dropped from a Silver day to a Bronze day. By mistake they paid out as a Silver, so you already had double dividends for TAA and Neymar. They later paid out bonuses on MB and IPD's.

    Edit: All those random amounts make me queasy just trying to look at your transaction history!!

  • @Martyn-B you don't wanna see my port then - I don't buy in any particular amounts so there are 71 here, 37 there, 306 here, 82 there.

    Maybe one day I will start buying in 5's :-) When I grow up big and strong!

  • @Millerman-again

    Yuck!! I have one player on 60, my current dividends top up and another on 70 as he was my top up until promotions changed strategy direction again. Those numbers annoy me. Rest are 100's.

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