Lottery dividends? Good idea?

  • So I have been thinking how they can keep money in the platform fairly across all players (not just media or pb)

    My mind went to premium bonds which holds vast amounts of money even though there is no interest pay out. This is because it is like a lottery whilst your money is in you have a chance of winning.

    So here's my idea

    Every day a player is picked at random and lottery dividends are paid out. I would tier based on FI position to look something like

    Top 50 - 9p
    50-200 - 5p
    200-400 - 2p
    400-600 - 2p
    600-800 - 2p
    800-1000 - 2p
    1000+ - 1p

    I would run this for 2 months which takes us to the summer and transfer window and it would be easy to extend it to cover what would have been the Euros If they are postponed.

    Quite curious if people think this would be a good idea. Obviously it's complete luck of the draw where media and performance have a proper score applied but this would just be something to keep FI ticking over in extreme cases like this.

  • Not for me, thats would be FI's reputation gone. I might as well start buying scratch cards instead

  • @Paco agreed.. just dont have any other idea how they can pay out across the board... as others have said they can do media frenzy etc but that favours only so many players.

    As a short term failsafe in extreme circumstances such as football season suspended I dont see how it can be bad for their rep given it is basically just ensuring continuation of payouts even if there is no football being played and giving you a reason to hold rather then mass sell.

    I see it as kind of like a protective measure rather than a permanent feature.

  • I agree that they need something more comprehensive than media top 5, I'd say something to replace IPD for the time being whatever that might be. I've seen someone suggesting something like divs for media mentions, i think that could work

  • What about top 5 media for top 200

    And top 3 media for The remaining.

    Or something along those lines

  • @NewUser291241 said in Lottery dividends? Good idea?:

    What about top 5 media for top 200

    And top 3 media for The remaining.

    Or something along those lines

    Still a bit arbitrary. Maybe a value division would be better - top media over £2 at start of the day, and top media under £2.

    Still not perfect though...

    However, FI survived in the summer with media madness, so why not now?

    Or they could do a coronavirus dividend. 10p for each positive footballer.
    [No I'm not being serious]

  • I’d like to see something similar to the transfer dividend! Media is great but likely to benefit the top end the most and longer users with the most shares! New users unlikely to benefit much and they probably need something to look forward to the most right now

    How about introducing a transfer dividend of 10p transfer 5p loan for any player bought or owned from today’s date through till end of summer transfer window rather than just anyone bought in last 30 days like the January promotion

    Would bring further value to players at all end of the market and would encourage holders not to instant sell non media holds

    What’s everyone’s thoughts?

  • I really like this idea, why not bring it in? It would be simple to adopt and is just another reason to stay

  • I was thinking of something similar - but taking into account recent PB average.

    Higher PB average = higher chance of winning.

    They could do 1 league per day to make it a little more interesting.

    Obviously media should and will be the main focus during the closed period but many users have huge sums tied up in players that have zero chance of winning dividends, impossible to market sell and have almost 50% spreads.

    The payouts wouldn't need to be huge and it would give the non-media players value which should in turn allow FI to begin to shorten spreads without the risk of the market collapsing as money floods into the top 5-10 media players.

  • @Chris-J My port will bring in nothing in regards to MB so any extra cash is a plus in my book and PB is normally a lottery anyway.

  • @London-Is-Blue Luckily I have a hugely disproportionate amount (25% of my port) of money in Bruno -If I didn't own him I'd be feeling very deflated about any media promotions during the closed period.

    With it now being very difficult to 're-structure' a portfolio due to large spreads it will be a very frustrating promotion for many players who do not happen to own media magnets (many who are new users who haven't pumped big sums into premium buys yet).

  • @Chris-J A good point Chris, I am a new user trying to build a half decent portfolio. I also don't have a trading background, but I think that is to my advantage sometimes, as loads of traders bail out, I am slowly buying up.

    I can't afford the big MB players like Bruno and Sancho so I accept the value of my portfolio is going to drop short term. But as plenty of people say, Football will still survive, as will stocks and shares, nations and kingdoms.

  • Banned

    I don't like the idea.

    It's dividends that underpin the index and we are seeing that now

  • @MrWh1te said in Lottery dividends? Good idea?:

    I don't like the idea.

    It's dividends that underpin the index and we are seeing that now

    I disagree with that. If dividends drove the index right now 95% of players would be at their IPO price. The bigger issue is well is that all PB league players have had their dividend potential pulled out from under them . They all had an outside chance of winning PB or getting some IPDs. The lottery idea keeps those players with some value which is stronger for the index. As a bridging effort to keep players with pb or ipd dividend potential valuable, there are worse ideas than a lottery. I would suggest that it should only be for players playing in one of the 5 leagues.

  • OK I'm quite new here but I can see some value in some sort of random selection of a few player in the way of a lottery but also see a flaw in the variability of share numbers which would make the 'lottery' payout cost too unpredictable. A solution to this might be to involve the current player value so payout would be say per £10 (shares x current value) value as opposed to share volume. There surely needs to be a means to involve all of the players, not just the media hogs. I appreciate this totally ignores the skill of the punter but there has to be some way to involve more players.
    I agree with several that this is going to go on several months, I think that the Euros will be cancelled to allow the domestic fixtures to be completed, even if the following season start is delayed.

  • Banned

    @Dr-Jan-Itor and so they should. No football = no pb.

    This is a gambling site after all

  • I also think that the IP dividend periods should be extended when the football restarts so we have the full 30 days

  • Here’s my idea maybe a fair way could be top 3 defenders/midfielders/and forwards on the media table that would spread it better 9 chances of a payout

  • @NewUser92251 very interesting

  • I just think it would give a wide range of players getting payouts, keeps the top players prices up and could drag some players along just as a fix after all it’s temporary

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