Aguero and Aubameyang

  • Quick question for you wiser heads from a new user.....why are Aguero and Aubameyang so reasonably priced?

    They strike me as players that should get decent PB points and In Play points plus Aubameyang is possibly on the move so good media on him moving forward.

    Can you help me understand their current pricing?

    Thanks Evo.

  • This year people have been focusing on Euros and neither of these 2 can play at Euros.

    Aguero is great player but City rotate and he is getting a bit older so there is more risk. Also he tends to get substituted early in game once City are 2 or 3 up for protection and not playing full 90 mins limits his pb score.

    Aubameyang is again 30 year old and is about right price in a poor Arsenal team that got knocked out of Europe competition and don't look like qualifying for Europe next season.. without those extra European games it means there is less games and less chance for him to get pb divs next year.. of course he may get a move in summer and some media which is why he is a tad higher then Aguero.

  • @Evo said in Aguero and Aubameyang:

    They strike me as players that should get decent PB points and In Play points

    PB no but IPD yes; Don't think I can remember either ever being close to a PB win but I no longer hold so can't be certain. Like you I bought Aguero when I first joined (pre IPD's) as he looked great value, he never won a penny of MB/PB whilst I held him for 6 months+ but sold for a small profit once I understood the matrix better.

    Anyone can win IPD's (in qualifying games) but to make it worthwhile, due to 30 day recycling & 2% commission, they really need to be either cheap, prolific or preferable both. Vardy & Ings used to be perfect for this as they traded between 30-50p but those days are long gone. To make purely IPD players worth bothering with they really need to be sub £1 but obviously it's better to hold off for now as most football looks like being suspended & no games means no IPD's.

  • Thanks both, that is great help.

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